Monday, April 18, 2016



 Hello, from me, and Babette.
 It's been a busy month here in Baton Rouge. 
I can't tell you everything we've been up to. 
But I can tell you that she, and I have become fast friends, 
we have been all over the place.

This, that I am about to post about, may not seem like it pertains to tea. 
And it doesn't really. 
But it does pertain to "Louisiana," and Babette wanted me to share this with you. 
She was adamant about it in fact. 
Because it seems she loves this State so much. 
She said "it reminds her of all things French."

Recently though, Babette, traveled with my husband, and I, to a typical
 Louisiana Crawfish boil. 
She was SO excited. 

She jumped in right away, and got herself into all the preparations. 

She was quite the ham actually. 

Babette, was the star of the day it seemed.
"And good for her!"
I thought to myself.

Why shouldn't she be happy? 

She's been traveling all over the United States. She can do whatever she wants.
Yet, she tells me she feels quite "at home," here in Baton Rouge.
And we are happy to host her.

Once we arrived back home......Tea was served. 
Because you really don't do Tea, at a Crawfish boil.
Not unless it's Sweet Tea.

And Babette, being the fancy French lady that she is,
 "was not going to have anything to do with that," 
she told me.

So, we enjoyed a lovely cup of tea at my house, before she settled in for the night. 

However, I forgot to snap a photo of that taking place. 
Which was fine with Babette.
She was already in the mood to relax, and didn't want to bother to pose.

I understand that.

 For now though,
 She asked me to tell you,
"Bone Nuiet!"

Babette, and I, will be back again soon, with more updates.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Babette has arrived!

She has arrived and is already ready for a journey! She's informed me that her name is to be "Babette." Which I though was unusual......but she said it with a firm French accent. So who am I to argue with her? 

I am sure that things will reveal to me from her in this next month. It's a busy month for me for many various reasons, but Babette, has assured me she is up for the madness.
 We discussed the month of her stay the other night over a lovely cup of French tea from the Laudree in Paris. She choose the tea. She said divulged to me that has been before, and likes it there. Interesting. Because I didn't question her as to if she'd been to Paris, or to the Laudree. Or both? 

Today we are preparing to head across the Mississippi River on an adventure in the countryside of Louisiana. I will write more on this later. But for now I must prepare myself, and Madame Babette for the journey. 
For now we must say "Au Revoir." 
We will come back another time and catch up. 

Les Marquis de Ladurée