Tips on Fun Posts

Some Tips on Fun Blog posts you might want to share with the Traveling Pot’s fans, and how to make it fun!

If you’re like me, you aren’t just about tea parties. Maybe you haven’t got that many friends locally (this is my problem) or maybe you’re busy (also my problem). Don’t stress! There are still things you can post about to the blog during your teapot time!

  1. Lists are good in a pinch. Make a list of your favorite teas or tea foods. What do you love about them? Why? Pick the top 5 tea rooms on your special list and let us know why you love them.

  1. Post a favorite tea-time recipe. Share your favorite tea cakes, sandwiches or cookies with the rest of the world. Tell us where to buy them.

  1. Talk about TEA! We all love it when folks talk about whatever tea leaf they are sipping this week whether it is on the ATAA mailing list or the ATAA facebook page. How lucky we are to have such a diverse community with so many outlets! The only problem is, not everyone is on both platforms. But… we’re all reading the teapot blog! Why not share YOUR favorite tea?  Write a post about a new tea you’ve discovered, how you brewed it (in the traveling pot of course!), how it tasted, and what you enjoyed with it. Where did you buy it and how can we get our hands on it? Inquiring minds want to know.

  1. Did you use a special set of handmade napkins, a fun table cloth, some great tea accessories with the Traveling Pot? Write a blog post about where you got them or how you made them.

  1. Take the Teapot out and show it a nice time! See if your favorite tea room owner will let you bring the pot for tea. Ask nicely. Maybe they can’t serve out of it, but the Traveling Teapot likes to meet other Professional Teapots and see how the working pots live.

  1. Don’t forget to use great pictures! This makes a HUGE difference in blogging. Take a minute to stage your tea table and take a nice picture of the Traveling Pot with your special tea things.
    1. Take a minute to clean your photos up. Don’t have photo editing software? You can use Picasa or Pixlr to edit your photos for free on line! Don’t know how? Email Rainy - and I’ll walk you through how to do it.
    2. For free photo hosting, you can store your photos on Flickr and share them on the blog from there. Don’t know how? Email Rainy - and I’ll walk ya through doing it! It’s a Yahoo service, so the Yahoo id you use for the ATAA mailing list will work to set up an account. Signed, Rainy

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