Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Calli: Tea & Cat

For many years, Calli tea by Sunrider Herbs was my favorite tea! I couldn't resist naming my cat after my tea. Calli cat has been a family member for nearly 20 years now. My tastes in tea have changed, but my heart stays true to the real Calli! Here he is, enjoying the milk in the creamer which was to go in the tea served from our first traveling teapot! 

I'm wondering how our two new traveling teapots are doing on their adventures?


  1. It's coincidental that I had the original traveling teapot in September 2013, and I'm scheduled for September, in just 2 weeks.

  2. I love your picture! Beautiful cat!!

  3. Calli is adorable! Aren't they sneaky sometimes? Mine try to grab a sip of my tea but no caffeine for them!

  4. I have a cat named Earl Grey. Too funny
    Sips and Smiles