Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sharing Tea With Fellow Campers at Lighthouse Marine Park

 I'll start by saying that everyone we met was beyond friendly. There was an overwhelming sense of safety on the entire little peninsula (officially an exlclave) of Point Roberts, as it is only 5 square miles and guarded by federal agents at the border.  There is basically zero crime, the locals boast, and it is surrounded on 3 sides by water.  It is a playground for the Canadians mostly, with summer homes 75% Canadian owned.  There is a population just over 1,000, but it triples in the summer.  The information I'm writing is just what was told to me by locals.  If you google search you can see maps of the area, showing how it drops below the 49th parallel that separates US and Canada.

OK, back to tea.  I offered tea to this sweet lady, Darlene, in the morning, and she said, "Maybe tonight? With Vodka?"  I told her I'd be back that evening with tea, and she replied, "I'll bring the vodka".   That evening, I kindly declined her offer of vodka, but before I poured her "tea" (The Downton Abbey Chamomile Tisane) she added a bit of Vodka to her cup.
 Joining us for tea was this grandma and her grandson.  She said they have herbal tea oftentimes in the evening, but she had to take a look at the tin after she tasted it.  She kept commenting on how great it tasted. 
 Lots of campers were gathered around.  Some enjoying tea, others looking on curious about the still unnamed Tardis Teapot.
This little boy enjoyed the tea, and thought our traveling teapot was pretty cool :-)


  1. How wonderful to see all ages enjoying your gracious tea hospitality and learning about the Tardis project.
    What a bonus to be enjoying a lovely glamp site that is in such a beautiful and safe area.

  2. What a fun adventure for you and the TARDIS, making new friends and what-not! That lady with the funny. I had a similar experience when we decided to invite neighbors to our son's birthday party. They were shocked to find we were not serving alcohol (at a children's party...go figure!), and promptly went home and filled up there 7/11 cups with alcohol. Oh, well. We and you still offered hospitality, right?! ;) Enjoy your continued adventures!

  3. How fun to have all different ages at your tea. Hopefully your sparked interest in tea with the younger generations. Nice post.

  4. Now this looks like a fun camping trip. Serving tea from the Tardis makes it even better. I am sure everyone enjoyed tea time.

  5. Very fun! Used to love camping. Very fun indeed!

  6. A beautiful week with many achievements!