Original Teapot's Adventures

Afternoon Tea Across America is an online chat  group that was
established in June of 2000 for those who enjoy having afternoon tea
with friends either at their home or in tea rooms. In March of 2012
the group decided to host a traveling teapot and to blog its
adventures. Fifteen people signed up to host the teapot. During the
month that they hosted the traveling teapot, they used it as an
ambassador of tea, sharing many pots of tea with family, friends, and
strangers along the way. Each host spent one month blogging about
their adventures with the teapot.

The teapot logged more than 30,000 miles during this project and
traveled to three countries. The Traveling Teapot blog has 200
published posts and 908 comments by readers. It has been viewed more
than 29,000 times by people in ten different countries. It was
admitted into membership of the Association of Tea Bloggers, a
resource for the exchange of ideas and information within the tea
community, soon after the project began.

A link to the original traveling teapot blog is posted on the right side-bar of this blog.

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