Saturday, January 16, 2016

Eve's Teapot Tour

Grab your cup and saucer, make a pot of tea (a big pot) and settle in as you join us on our tour of a few of Eve's teapots.  I am not a teapot expert and hopefully Eve will let me know if anything I am posting is not correct.  As you can see, it was a lot to take in and sometimes I was so engrossed in the story, I forgot to take notes.  Eve has over 450 teapots and over 180 of them are on display.  She began collecting back in 1980 with a Price Kensington teapot.  After she acquired three teapots, she realized she had a collection.
Display cabinet between the dining and kitchen
Other half of the cabinet
(I love all the Disney teapots!)
Ronald Reagan Hall teapot
Margaret Thatcher
This adorable teapot has no lid as it fills from the bottom, as you can see in the photo below.

Yixing teapot
One of her many cabinets full of teapots!
Queen Elizabeth
Walking Ware Teapot
and sugar bowl
Aviator Mickey Mouse - Bob is a retired airplane pilot
Eve's childhood dish set.  Notice the teapot and tea strainer.  The teapot really whistles!
Miss October 2011
When I got home, I pulled out my old Collectible Teapot Calendars and The Wicked Witch was indeed in the calendar.
The Jungle Book
In this room, Eve displays her teapots among her books, keeping to the theme of the books.
Mrs. Potts and Chip
The teapot with Eve's phone booth, among the English book collection.
Travel in England books along with a British Taxi teapot.
Even the top of the bookshelves hold teapots.
We reminisced a bit about the old wringer washing machines when she shared this teapot.
Eve has an amazing collection
This white teapot with the salt glazed pewter lid dates prior to 1800
Eve has only seen one other teapot like this.
Pink mini Wedgwood
The teapoy, or tea canister on the left holds dry tea.
This child's set really works.
Eve's favorite teapot is the pink trimmed Neptune Belleek with a second black mark.
In front is anther Belleek with a third black mark.  She said these make the best tea and keep it warm.
This Prince Charles cup has an ear handle.
Wedgwood Black Basalt with widow of Zarephath finial
Queen Victoria Copeland Spode
King George V and Queen Mary
King Edward and Queen Alexandra
Wedgwood King George VI and Queen Elizabeth
Wedgwood Queen Elizabeth in Royal Blue Jasper
Edward VIII
Shelley Children's tea ware
Antique European teapot dating 1790-1815 from France or Germany
Holds 3.5 - 4 ounces
George VI Teacup and Saucer
Commemorated a visit to Canada in 1939
Wedgwood Creamware
Diplomatic Souvenir Gift to some of the US Party
Part of a limited 500 issue
Cream and non lidded sugar
SYP - Simple . . . yet perfect
Tilting Teapot invented by Lord Peter Dundonald of Scotland
The teapot is tipped on it's side to brew the tea, then stood upright to separate the leaves from the tea.
Tea Party scene in Alice In Wonderland Pop Up Book by Robert Sabuda
Eve's Teaware served as the model for this Collectible Teapot Puzzle
Tinkerbell Tea Set
Very rare red Wedgwood teapot
The Eccentric Teapot Book and teapot
Eve is also a writer, having been featured in many tea magazines.
She has Writer's Desk teapots in four sizes.
Eve shared a delightful story about her delivery of Gerard Merlot Macarons
Eve's writing desk was made to her specifications by Mr. Keim, an Amish man from Applecreek, Ohio.  It is made of Ohio cherry and since she couldn't decide if she wanted a finial, it is removable!
Eve's King Edward teapot was on a shelf in an English antique shop, waiting on shipment to her.  The shop owner had purchased the teapot at an auction for her.  He called to ask if she would mind having her teapot photographed for the Novelty Teapot Collectors book.

Eve is a retired OB nurse.  These two paintings by P Buckley Moss feature nurses.  Eve has them hanging near her desk.
Not only do you find a huge collection of tea pots at Eve's she also features her passion in her home decor.  I instantly fell in love with this curtain!
Eve also played a selection on her player piano for us.
All too soon it was time to say goodbye, but the teapot and I had a wonderful day at Eve's!

A HUGE thank you to Eve and Bob Dear for opening their home to me.  I wish I lived closer so we could share tea more often.  Thank you for coming along on our visit.

Sips and Smiles,
Teresa and the Teapot


  1. What an amazing collection - and to think this is a mere portion of the actual collection! I saw a few I have, I few I could kick myself for not buying them when I saw them, and many that I would like to have! Thank you Eve, for sharing your collection with Teresa and the Tardis so that we could also enjoy them!

  2. "I'm so glad we had this time together" indeed!

    A big thank you to Teresa for spending the day with you and posting it for us and a big thank you to you for such a fun time for her to share with us.
    I especially loved the tour of the teapots and the song at the pump player piano.

  3. Your comments on the teapots are so kind, but Teresa deserves the credit for coming across Ohio on a frigid day and taking such good photos.

    The Bear on the player piano is leaning on a player piano teapot. His name is Wilfrid and I do not collect bears, but the piano teapot needed a jaunty fellow to lean on it.

  4. wow, what a collection, thank you for sharing.

  5. Wow, what an incredible collection! I envy her that bookcase, too. Thanks so much for sharing! Heidi T.

  6. How delightful to see Eve's collection. I used to enjoy
    Eve's posts on the ATAA Yahoo Group before I transitioned to the ATAA Facebook Group. I wish Teresa and Eve would join us on Facebook.
    Rochelle, ATAA

  7. All I can say is - w o w what an extensive collection of teapots. Amazing!

  8. Beautiful collections, Thank you for sharing this blog and a glance of your collections..

  9. One of the childhood obsession is Tinkerbell, and this Tinkerbell Tea Set reminds me of those days.

  10. Thank you for taking us along on your visit to Eve's via this post. Her teapot collection is amazing! I'm sure the Tardis felt right at home!

  11. Hmm, what special dispensation does one need to get their comment published in a timely manner? It has been almost a week since I made a time sensitive comment that I wanted Eve to read since I doubt that she will retroactively be looking at comments. I am going to save myself any future frustration and view this Blog as "Read Only" and "No Comment" since I do not plan on becoming a Blogger. This must be a popular site for spam since it is focused on preventing spam rather timely posting of non-Blogger comments. Curious how long it will take for this comment to be read.
    No hard feelings, but I had to express myself and there is no turning back.
    Rochelle, ATAA

    1. LaDonna, you sly fox...I didn't expect this comment to be published! Oh well....
      Rochelle, ATAA

    2. For Rochelle, I often have trouble posting on blogs, not just the ATAA ones. Somehow it just either all disappears or shows up days later. As for Eve doing ATAA Facebook, it is not going to happen. I happen to like the original form and don't have time for the other one.

  12. What a special treat to get a glimpse of Eve's collection! Thank you Teresa and Eve for sharing this lovely visit with all of us!

  13. Awesome Eve's collection! I love the quoted mug.

  14. Oh look at all the WEDGEWOOD. <3 I simply love it. So elegant.

    Someday I hope to visit Eve and see her collection and eat some of her fantastic scones and enjoy a cuppa. But this teapot tour was pretty good in the meantime!

  15. sweet! What a blessing! Eve's teapot collection is so extensive and beautiful!!! Love the whimsical Tinkerbell set...Shelley is always a favorite and Belleek is gorgeous! What a lovely day you must have enjoyed together :) Thanks to Eve for opening her home to you so we may all enjoy her wonderful collection!