Tuesday, January 5, 2016

TeaHaus in Ann Arbor Michigan

Last week, the teapot and I took a day trip to Ann Arbor, Michigan.  We had afternoon tea at TeaHaus.  Come along and join us for tea.
Lovely artwork done with chalk
Place Setting and binder describing over 170 tea selections
My first pot of tea
Marzipan - seasonal black tea
an almond filled offering sure to satisfy your sweet tooth
Black tea from India, almond pieces and natural flavor
(I enjoyed this tea, the almond really came through.  I didn't think to pair my tea with my courses until the soup arrived.)
Smokey Lapsang Tomato Soup
Soup is always vegan and made with tea
The base was mirepoix with a definite smokey flavor.
Tiered Server
The tea the owner, Lisa, paired with the sandwich course was the Black Current, another black tea.  (After the soup course, I asked her to pair my teas.  She is a certified tea sommelier and lived in Germany and Sweden for 14 years.)  This tea paired well with the Brie sandwich.
Cucumber - this bread was thin and very soft (normally I find thin bread to be dry)
Brie with fig butter - this was my favorite.  The fig butter really enhanced this sandwich.
Chicken Salad - this was piled high on a lightly toasted round of bread.  This was very light and refreshing.  The base was tarragon and fresh red wine vinaigrette versus the usual mayonnaise.
Peppered Salami with Herb Butter on Baguette - This is served in a larger sandwich on the lunch menu.
She paired a Milky Jade Oolong with my scone course.
She hesitated to pair an oolong when I started with black teas instead of the lighter teas.
I bought some of this for home and have loved it.  My daughter is an oolong drinker and she has my supply almost gone.  She was infusing it multiple times and loved the additional infusions.  These leaves are huge and unfurl beautifully.  The leaves held up very well to multiple infusions.
The owner's grandmother is Welsh and the recipe has been handed down.
One scone was a traditional scone and the other a lemon poppyseed.
The spreads were made in house and included lemon curd, devonshire cream, orange marmalade and a berry compote.  I tried the toppings in various combinations and enjoyed the berry compote with the devonshire cream the most.
My final tea was Blueberry Buckle
This white tea is blended in house.
The little pots hold about two cups of tea.  Tea is unlimited and this is a great way to sample several different teas.
Grapefruit Macaron - delicious
Lavender Shortbread - the lavender really came through in this shortbread
Chocolate Petit Four - very dense chocolate cake
Menu Board on the Wall
Afternoon Tea is by Reservation
Wall of Tea

The tearoom is located downtown and metered parking is available along the street.  Be sure to have quarters available if you plan to visit.  Ann Arbor is a college town and the tea room is a popular lunch spot.

Sips and Smiles,


  1. Thank you for sharing another delightful adventure.
    Rochelle, ATAA

  2. An impressive tea selection! I would love having a tearoom owner pair that many teas with their food. Interesting teas and food..all ones I'd love to try. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh, I want to come too!!! Lovely write-up, some delicious teas and the food at a similar level - thanks for sharing your afternoon with us :)

  4. What a beautiful tea time. I loved that you had the owner pair your teas and it sounds like she did an amazing job.

  5. What a nice tea for one. They really did a nice job providing quite a variety of tea fair. Thank you for descriptions and photos :)
    Hugs & a cuppa tea!

  6. What a nice tea for one. They really did a nice job providing quite a variety of tea fair. Thank you for descriptions and photos :)
    Hugs & a cuppa tea!