Friday, January 8, 2016

Children's Books With a Reference to Tea

Yesterday the teapot and I enjoyed spending the day with my grandson.  Several favorite books in my grandma book bag feature tea in some way.
These six books, with a reference to tea, travel in my book bag when I visit.  
(Along with several others that do not feature tea.)
One Gray Mouse ranks in sixth place according to the oldest grandson.
(These rankings are in the order most often requested.)
Froggy went a-Courtin' comes in at five.  It is written in rhyme, which makes for easy reading.  The button no longer works on this book, but it used to play the Froggy went a-Courtin' song in a "modern" version.  
Do you remember it as"Froggy went a courtin' and he did ride with some flowers by his side."?
He always points out the teacup on this page.
Colors is number 4.  The holes in this book have been an attraction since he was about 6 months old.
The first thing he points out on the pink page is the teapot.
Bear Snores On is three.  I think it is only because of the way grandma snores.
Over the holidays, we were happy to add Bear Stays Up to the bag.  It was also a popular request during the many nights spent at grandma's house.
This is another easy rhyming/sing song book.  Sometimes we have white corn and black tea after reading this book.  
Bunnies for Tea was added to the bag about a year ago and it is read every visit.  At first I thought it was the shape of the book that was the attraction.  The bunnies end up falling in the teacup and it always elicits a giggle.  To a little boy, that is pretty funny.  He also loves scones and the book makes mention of them.
It opens to a double handled teacup.
And the all time favorite is Row, Row, Row Your Boat.  This is another version of a song I knew as a child that has been expanded upon.  It also has the openings in the pages.  Both grandsons love to stick their little hands through the hole and try to get grandma's hiding fingers.
The last verse is Row, Row, Row your boat far out to the sea.
Don't forget to come back home - just in time for TEA!

This group of tea books is saved for visits to Grandma's house.
These are also Grandma's house books that feature tea.

While writing about children's literature, I want to mention the Mazza Museum in Findlay, Ohio.  It holds the most diverse collection of original artwork by children's book illustrators in the world.  The exhibits are changed frequently.  Various mediums are used in illustrations and the exhibits are very interesting.  The teapot and I visited recently.
Mazza Museum on the University of Findlay Campus
The teapot joined the children in this outdoor sculpture.
The teapot is waiting patiently, by the door, for the Swan House in Findlay to reopen.  I was happy to hear the new ownership hopes it will be this month.  They held teas on two Saturdays in December, but unfortunately, I was busy both days.  I heard from friends, who did attend, that the tea was as wonderful as it used to be.

Come back tomorrow for . . . Downton Abbey Tea at Sweet Shalom!

Sips and Smiles,


  1. Big thanks for sharing your collection of the wonderful children's books that include tea. I love to gift books to the children on my list and your comments about which ones and why your grandchildren love them is very helpful. I think I will get several to have on hand when the neighbor children visit.

  2. So sweet.
    Rochelle, ATAA

  3. Amazing post, Teresa! Loved it! And so happy to hear Swan House will be opening again.

  4. What a fun assortment of tea related children's books. I think my favorite might be the one in the shape of a tea cup!

  5. I loved seeing all the books with tea references. My grandson and I enjoy several of those books alot too. What fun to be nearby to read to them.