Monday, January 11, 2016

Downton Abbey Awards - Week Two

Last night's episode of Downton Abbey began with a new day.  The first thing we saw was the morning delivery by bicycle.  The next thing - Tea!  Lady Cora's breakfast tray was being prepared.  Mrs. Patmore was wiping down the teapot.  Shortly after, Carson was seen carrying the silver teapot for breakfast.

I prepared a tea tray last night for our viewing of Downton Abbey.  (The teapot is quick to shush anyone who dares to speak.)
Hob Nobs - my favorite British biscuits
Chocolate covered Strawberries
Triplemint herbal tea from The Rosemary House

And now, on to the awards. . .

Tip of the Hat
Lady Rosamund
When Edith is visiting her editor in London and Aunt Rosamund is waiting in the hallway, her hat is stunning.
I was glad to see a few hats on last nights episode.  I didn't notice any of the headbands, but the hair clips were more evident, as was the curly bob.

Favorite Costume
Lady Mary's Undergarments
The days of the corsets are gone!

Mean and Evil Award
Lady Edith
I do really like Lady Edith, but she could be a bit more understanding of Mrs. Drewe.

Wooden Spoon (Stirrer of the Pot)
I don't remember anyone who deserves this award from last night's episode.

I'm Blushing Award
Lady Mary's Undergarments
They were beautiful, but getting a bit risque showing that much skin on Downton Abbey.

My Scene of the Night
Tea in the Library
I enjoy seeing the children.  The well loved stuffed animals were adorable.  George's little sailor suit was darling.  I really wanted to join them for a cup of tea and a slice of cake.  It looked like a small Victoria cake and only about a fourth of it was gone.  The Spode Stafford White China is so elegant.  (I wonder how many brides have registered for it since the show began?)
(It is cold here in Ohio.  After an afternoon of ice skating yesterday, a cup of hot tea, and a seat by the fire looked very inviting.  And all those books, I could get lost in there.)  

Countess Zingers
"Don't give me ideas."  (When Isobel remarks "Cousin Violet would have kept the rest of us away if she could.")
Unfortunately, The Countess did not make many appearances last night.

Other Zingers
Lady Edith - "As usual, you add two plus two and make 53"
Mrs. Patmore - "Borrow, So you'll give it back to me."
Baxter - "No.  But then you don't like to get involved in helping other, do you?"
Mr Carson to Thomas when he asks about looking for another job - "How could it hurt?"
And again to Thomas when he asks "When do you need me Mr. Carson?"  "When indeed!"
Anna - Mr. Bates says to her "Well try and put your feet up." concerning her trip to London with Lady Mary.  Her response - "Yes, I'll be putting my feet up."
Mrs. Hughes - "And Heaven forbid we lowly folk should do anything to contradict the blessed Lady Mary."
Mrs. Hughes again - "We'll be doing it your way for the next 30 years.  I know that well enough, but the wedding day is mine!"
And once again - "And you'll be there to support Lady Mary and her pigs, which is what matters, as we all know well enough."

Shoe Leather Award
Mrs. Drewe - That poor woman has been trod upon.  
She takes in little Marigold and raises her as her own.  When Lady Edith just came in and snatched her last season, Mrs. Drewe had the heart to send her stuffed toy with her.  In return for loving and caring for the little girl, the Drewe family ends up having to leave the estate.  Lord Grantham seems to understand and is compassionate.  "Its not kind, its a poor return for what you have done for us."   Lady Edith shows no appreciation, let alone compassion.

Jekyll and Hyde
Lady Mary - How sweet of her to help Anna and Mr. Bates have a child.
The interaction between she and Anna was so heartwarming.  She treats Anna with respect and not like a lowly servant.  (Maybe a bit of an upper hand when she interrupts Anna and said "Listen".)  The job of a servant had to be difficult, especially if you had a demanding boss.
When Anna expressed concern about the cost and that she couldn't take that tip, Lady Mary tells her not to be silly, she has earned it fair and square.  
I have always loved Lady Mary.  There are times she can be very evil and other times so sweet.

Flounder for Dinner
What is this Tribal thing with Mr. Bates?
"You're tribal Mr. Bates and the tribe doesn't have a lot of members."
I am not proficient in world history and I don't remember of any mention as to where Mr. Bates originated when he first arrived at Downton.  I was floundering when Anna mentioned it.  I am aware of the Scottish clans and tartan plaids, but not tribes.

That's it for this week.  I'm looking forward to the wedding.  Will Mrs. Hughes do her wedding in her own way or will she feel like a servant?  Only time will tell.

Sips and Smiles,
Teresa and the Teapot


  1. I am enjoying Downton Abbey through you. Thanks.
    Rochelle, ATAA

  2. Very nice and enjoyable write-up. I really hope Mrs. Hughes DOES get to have her wedding her own way. Hopefully, she can speak DIRECTLY to Lady Mary. I thought it a bit unfeeling of Lady Mary to say Leave Mrs. Hughes to me. :-(
    I love your tray & pillow as well!
    -Heather, ATAA

  3. I still have not watched an episode of Downton Abbey. I must give it a watch.