Monday, January 4, 2016

Downton Abbey

"The cheek of her!  It was all I could do not to give her a slap."
It isn't often another character has a line that rivals those of the Countess.  But last night, Anna delivered this line with such sincerity, it was one of my favorites.

This is my Downton tea tray from last night.  I would love to be able to ring my little bell and have my servants come running.  The only servant at our house is myself.  The teacup is a replica of the china pattern used in first class on the Titanic.  The dish holding my scone was a Christmas gift.  It has no markings on the bottom.  It is an older dish.  The pitcher fits in one of the wells and a lid fits the other.  I have no idea what it's intended use is.

I had anxiously been awaiting the sixth and final season of the program.  I had not read anything online, as I wanted to enjoy this season week by week.  My family starts groaning when Sunday night arrives and I have dibs on the television.

I usually watch the prior season when they rebroadcast it.  This holiday season was a bit hectic so I didn't take time to watch.  I did watch the Kelli O'Hara hosted countdown prior to Downton last night and that helped to refresh my memory.  (I also noticed how much some of the characters had aged/changed since season one.)  I wonder how different Downton would be if Dan Stevens had not decided to leave the show?  I found it interesting that 251 costumes will be used this season.  (I can hardly wait to see what the ladies are wearing.)  Over a thousand wigs have been used during the series.  How uncomfortable that had to be.  

I don't want to spoil the show for anyone, so I won't give any details about the plot, but I will share some of my awards from the first episode.

Tip of the Hat
Cora's when they were attending the Mallerton Auction.  I loved the color on her.
(I noticed time is progressing and hats are going by the wayside on last night's episode.)

Favorite Costume 
Dowager Countess of Grantham's green dinner dress (I loved the detail in the back of this dress)

Mean and Evil Award
Miss Bevin  (I think she could be great friends with Sarah Bunting.)

Wooden Spoon (Stirrer of the Pot)
She just couldn't wait to head up to the big house and let them know staff was going to be cut.
(Really, two housemaids were cleaning that entire home?)

I'm Blushing Award
Mrs. Patmore in the middle of the "true marriage" discussion.  
(It was so refreshing to see a character on television who was embarrassed when talking about this subject.) 

My Scene of the Night
The downstairs staff dancing to the gramophone, while Robert and Cora snacked on cold chicken in the scullery. "Is this the refrigerator?"

Countess Zingers
"Does it ever get cold on the moral high ground?"
"Sometimes its good to rule by fear"
"There's never a dull moment in this house."

Happily Ever After - (If I wrote the show)
Mrs. Patmore and Mr. Mason
("A man could speak of me that way at my age.")

I hope all of you enjoyed the first episode as well.  I watched it a second time when it was rebroadcast at midnight.  I am so engrossed in the plot the first time, I don't notice all the details.

The January hostess has some medical issues, so Rainy emailed to let me know the teapot will need to stay a bit longer at my home.  The end of the year got very hectic and I didn't take time to post to the blog.  (We visited a tea room in Ann Arbor Michigan and I returned home to house guests.)  It was so nice to see that the teapot from team Darjeeling had arrived at Ingid's and she posted about her wonderful tea parties.  Hope all of you are having a wonderful new year and the January hostess is back on her feet soon.

Sips and Smiles,


  1. LOVE your "awards", Teresa! Episode one of Season VI was awesome!

  2. Teresa, Thanks so much for carrying on with posts. I enjoyed Downton Abbey very early this morning online. My favorite way to watch it. The white plate reminds me of a breakfast plate and wondering it there use to be a sugar bowl where the lid is. I think it would be wonderful for scones.

  3. I could definitely see Mrs. Patmore and Mr. Mason together. Wouldn't that be sweet?

  4. Teresa, love your accounting of the highlights, I had to tape it, I am in rehearsal for a play myself, for the "live" show. Yes, by now the Tardis of team Darjeeling should have landed in Calgary.

  5. I enjoyed your delightful coverage of Downton Abbey.
    Rochelle, ATAA

  6. Hello Dear Teresa,

    I loved your Awards for the Downton Abbey episode. I was thrilled to see it at a preview at Tea At the Ritz sponsored by PBS in December. Watching it with an audience of 300 people who were definitely fans was certainly a different experience. I watched it again on Sunday and can't wait until the next episode.
    Have been enjoying all of your posts with the Tardis and you have indeed been a wonderful hostess to the little traveler.
    What fun you have been having!
    I have 4 of the dishes that you have in your photo and they are called strawberry of berry servers. The little pitcher is for the cream for pouring on top of your berries and the part with the lid is for sugar to sprinkle on top. I have also used them for scones with clotted cream and curd and for a hearty bowl of soup with toppings appropriate to the soup such as black bean soup with sour cream and a bit of diced sweet onion. I hope you enjoy using your bowl for lots of different things.
    Thank you for hosting the Traveling Teapot and for sharing all of your fabulous adventures.

    Sending you a hug,
    Mary Jane

  7. Oh my! This was such a fun post!!! I recorded the episode, because 9pm is a bit late for me to start something so delightful. {Additionally, they are available - temporarily - online for anyone interested}. I will need to re-watch it as well. I love your idea of pairing Mrs. Patmore and Mr. Mason. That would be most excellent. And that darn Denker! Oooh, I was glad to see her taken down a peg. How wonderful that Rainy could inform you to keep the TARDIS a bit longer while the next hostess recovers. I love good communication.
    That Titanic teacup/saucer is most interesting btw. Fun to drink from something reflecting a historical era, while watching one! ;-)
    Hugs & a cup of tea,