Sunday, January 17, 2016

From Dreary Ohio to Sunny California

Sadly, the teapot has been packed carefully and shipped to the next hostess.
I have enjoyed hosting the teapot and sharing a bit of my corner of the world with all of you.  It has been a whirlwind of activity since the teapot arrived.  I will be happy to have some time to unwind and just stay home for a bit.  My vacuum cleaner and dusting rag need to be put to use.  I have one last bit of holiday decor to pack away until next year, my Christmas village.
There is a tea room along the village street . . .
And a tea cart by the carolers.

I want to thank all of you for the kind words and comments.  At times, I was writing my blog post in the middle of the night with one eye propped open, hoping to have time in the morning to proofread.  Unfortunately, many times I remembered to post, just as I headed out the door. Proofreading was just an intention.  Often times, I didn't read comments.  Now that I have some free time, I hope to go back and take some time to do just that.

Times shared with friends during afternoon tea are like mini vacations for me.  A HUGE thank you to Eve and her dear husband Bob for sharing their hospitality.  I could have written so much more about our visit.  I have a pot of her soup on the stove right now for tonight's dinner.

If you are ever in Ohio, please stop for tea.  I am happy to welcome you to my home or meet you at any of our area tea rooms.  (I can recommend my favorites in northwest Ohio and southern Michigan.)   I have met the nicest people over a teacup.
Enjoy the rest of Downton Abbey!  I hope I can hold out and not watch the ending until it airs on television.  I am finding I am one of the few original Downton Abbey Ladies, having watched every episode as it aired on US television.

Have fun Martha, and all the future hostesses.  I am looking forward to reading about your adventures with the teapot.
Hats off to Rainy and LaDonna for coordinating the traveling teapot.  A huge thanks to both of you!

Sips and Smiles,
Teresa and the Teapot


  1. Thank you, Teresa, for hosting such a wonderful time with the teapot. It has been sheer joy to follow along.

  2. Teresa, I have so enjoyed your many posts and will miss you. Take care.
    Rochelle, ATAA

  3. Thank you for doing SO much with the teapot! I hope the end of Downton has lived up to expectations? I'm afraid I'll be catching up to it all at once on iTunes at some point. Im still a season and a half behind.