Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Gong Fu Tea

Ohio was hit with a snowstorm last night.  All the area schools were cancelled today.  I decided to have my morning tea Gong Fu style.

I participated in a couple Gong Fu tea ceremonies several years ago.  I attended an evening class at Sweet Shalom in 2011.  I found some of my Gong Fu supplies and had a little ceremony with the traveling teapot.

Tea Cart filled with Gong Fu supplies
We are team oolong
Warming the pot and heating the cups
Appreciate excellent tea
The black dragon enters the palace
Rinsing from an elevated pot
The Spring Wind Brushes the Surface
drifting clouds and flowing water
Rinsed tea leaves
Direct again the pure spring
The dragon and phoenix in auspicious union
The carp turns over
Respectfully receive the fragrant tea
40 second brew time 190 degree water
The tea smelled grassy, a bit floral and sweet.
Small first sip
Tea tasted soft and a bit grassy
Main sip and then the after taste
Main sip was a bit more grassy
After taste was stronger
spent leaves after one infusion
second infusion
60 seconds
less grassy, smoother, a bit buttery and a bit of floral
third infusion
80 seconds
very buttery, less grassy
The flavor is holding up and I enjoy it more with each infusion
fourth infusion
100 seconds
flavor was even more pronounced and smooth
This was my favorite
fifth infusion
2.5 minutes
still nice but the grassy taste is coming back
flavor is lacking and it is time to quit
spent tea leaves in the same dish as the earlier photo
Clean up is part of the ritual
My tea things were rinsed and the outside of the pot has been rubbed and polished.
Just a little tip from someone who learned the hard way - be sure you close the drain spout on your tea tray.
The color of the tea in the cups was a pretty yellow.  The light reflecting from the snow was making my photos pretty washed out, sorry.  My husband couldn't wait to go out and push snow for the first time this year.  I enjoyed setting my tea cart by the window and watching as I sipped my tea.  
 I enjoyed some music and had a relaxing morning.

Sips and Smiles,
Teresa and the Teapot


  1. Nice Teresa... love my oolong and puerhs steeped that way

  2. Nice Teresa... love my oolong and puerhs steeped that way

  3. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
    Rochelle, ATAA

  4. Nice presentation and explanation. This is how we prepare tea for my WuWo Tea Ceremony group.

  5. Curious if you attended the SF Tea Festival, as I see you have a cup just like mine.