Monday, August 3, 2015

The teapot has arrived in Seattle!

We were just about to leave to head up to Point Roberts for the weekend, and as we were taking loads out to the car, the teapot arrived on the doorstep!  I had to stop everything and open the box, and oh my I was taken aback by all the goodies that arrived with it!  Mary sent along some lovely tea towels, cards, and some Downton Abbey Limited Edition tea by The Republic of Tea!  In addition to all the goodies, the box contained the teapot itself, its passport, and a lovely card.  I paused to take pix, feel thankful, and then added the teapot to the load of things in the car before heading North. 

My new "tea's" are: Lady Cora's Evening Tea (chamomile and lemon balm), and English Rose tea (caffeine-free blossoms and raspberries)  Of course, since they are herbal Tisanes they aren't technically tea...but many people call it that.  In fact, it's even written on the label :-)


The drive up to Point Roberts from Seattle is quite interesting...and on a Canadian holiday weekend it was busier than an average weekend would be.  It was our first time going to Point Roberts, and I learned a lot about this little piece of America that many don't know about.  To get there you have to pass the Canadian border and then pass another border crossing into the U.S. into Point Roberts, WA.  The only other way to reach this peninsula that hangs down from Canada is by boat from the San Juan Islands.   More on Point Roberts in a future post...
I really wanted to take this exit to Snohomish....some GREAT anique stores! :-)  But no time this weekend for that :-(

I did stop off at the Lululemon Outlet store up in Burlington.  I cannot go past it without at least quickly running in, for fear I'm passing up some incredible deal.  I don't get up that way often, and it's a bit of a trek, so a shame to pass by it!  Their clothes just make you look an feel better than you actually do.  (smile)  I grabbed an iced tea from the vending machine.  Tazo probably wouldn't appreciate my review of their bottled iced tea, so I won't give a detailed review.  I will say, hadn't tried it before, and I won't be purchasing it again.  I'm not sure how much tea they could fit in their with all that juice and sugar.

Here we are at the border crossing!  The border agent was not particularly friendly, so I didn't ask him to stamp the Tardis' passport.  


  1. What fun to already be on an international adventure :*)
    It was interesting to learn about Point. Roberts. Hoping you all enjoyed your weekend there with the Tardis and many cups of the Downton Abbey tea.

  2. I'm sure the teapot is happy to be in Washington state! Have a good time!