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UNDERCOVER BRIDE - JUNE book review and TEA w Tilly in the Garden

Yesterday, Tilly TARDIS and I enjoyed our beautiful June gloom weather in the garden with a new book while the kiddos laughed and played.   I was able to try the new 'June' teacup I purchased last week at our town's annual antique and collectibles fair (more on that after the review).  I sipped on Bigelow's French Vanilla decaf. tea I received as a gift, with milk and honey which was SO tasty - like dessert!

Undercover Bride - Book #2 Undercover Ladies
by: Margaret Brownley
(Christian Historical Fiction)
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I really enjoyed Maggie and Garret’s story; so much so that I read the entire book in a day.
Maggie is an undercover Pinkerton agent, which in itself makes for a great start.  Garrett Thomas is a former prisoner of war, who has tried to suppress those horrible memories and move on with his life.  He is a widower with two young children and a thriving tinker business. However, he has no idea the Pinkerton Detective Agency has evidence that he was part of a train robbery and murder two years ago.
In an effort to move forward with his life, following the untimely death of his wife two years prior, and provide quality care for his children, he has placed ads for a mail-order-bride; the perfect undercover ruse for Maggie.
Maggie has her own disheveled past.  An outlaw father she watched hang at the gallows as a young girl.  Growing up in an orphanage, and a strong desire to be better than her father and right his wrongs on society.  She has strong faith in God which is evidenced throughout the book.  Garret has an underlying faith, but separates that from the church he believes wronged in him during the war. Garret and Maggie immediately begin to bond over normal family activities and unexpected emergencies. Meanwhile, Maggie is working the case with her partner Rikker, who has become a father figure to her.  There are many questions that ad to the mystery, but the book never gets dark.  Additionally, the author states she has written these as stand-alone-stories, so you can read them in any order.  They simply have the same theme of female detectives running throughout.
The story ends well, with no lingering questions, and I am looking forward to the next one – Calico Spy – which according to ChristianBook dot com is due out January 1, 2016.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars and would recommend it to others.

Included at the end of the book: Discussion Questions, and a bit of interesting history regarding the Whistle-Stop train robbery, and crime solving techniques.

I purchased this book from CBD and I am offering my honest opinion for no compensation.
©2015 Shiloh Run Press-Barbour Publishing
305 Pages
Read 06/11/2015 / Reviewed 06/12/2015

SERIES: Undercover Ladies
Petticoat Detective – Book 1 – 2014 (I gave this a 5-star review also which you can read here)
Undercover Bride – Book 2 – 2015
Calico Spy – Book 3 – 2016

Here are some of the treasures I purchased from the fair.  I am excited to find a June cup, and IN June no-less!  I decided I would like to start a collection of all of the months.
Light blue demitasse = Coalport bone china, England $7.50
Multi-color demitasse = Mintons china, England, & another stamp;
possibly W.H. Plummer & Co., NY City $7.50
June Teacup = Royal Dover bone china, England $12
Extra large floral tablecloth - $10

I will post more treasures in future posts on my blog listed below :)

Until next time, hugs and a cup of tea!
~Heather Elizabeth, Team Darjeeling

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  1. Nice teacups finds! Love seeing the Tardis is enjoying tea time with you.

  2. Excellent treasures and prices! Thank you for the great tea time!

  3. So enjoyed your sharing . Makes me want to read with tea !

  4. Wow, great bargains. I have a collection of July (my birth month) teacups.

    1. Rose, you will have to post those to the group FB page next month!! That would be fun to see :)

  5. Nothing like a good book and a flavorful cup of tea! Great new treasures!

  6. this is awesome, cant wait to get teapot for july. I have many plans, can I rename the teapot or have her have a friend since many of my plans involve butterflies as well. I have never blogged before so another new experience.

  7. I will have to add this to my reading list. Thanks so much!
    Sips and Smiles,

  8. I will have to add this to my reading list. Thanks so much!
    Sips and Smiles,