Sunday, October 4, 2015

Team Darjeeling Takes an Adventure

 Little Blue came to me just in time to take an adventure
to the NW Tea Festival.
Greetings from Seattle on a sunny, brisk morning.
This little teapot had a lot of visiting to do.
 First stop was Lorna Reeves, the editor of Tea Time Magazine.
She asked me to send a link to our blog, which I will do when I return home.
Oh the Tea and Savory book is totally wonderful.
She said she was inspired to do the book last year at the NW Tea Festival.
Of course Little Blue had to say hello to ATAA members,
Stephanie and Mara.  Mara was happy once again to say hello to this little sweetie.
 Amy Lawrence of Afternoon to Remember
is a vendor here and sends her regards to the group.
Don't you just love the way she ended up with a teapot on her head?
Silly me!
 B. Fuller's Mortal and Pestle was a vendor
and more than happy to pose with Little Blue.
Don't you think he was the perfect one to hold this teapot?
 Colleen, another ATAA member, says hello.
She is here helping her friend Roberta with her booth.
And of course, Little Blue had to say hello to James Norwood Pratt and his
lovely wife Valerie.  Several standing around were fascinated by this
little teapot's adventures.

Greetings from the NW Tea Festival.
Wishing all of you could be here with Little Blue!


  1. Such wonderful adventures and meeting so many lovely people.

  2. How fun for Little Blue to meet so many special tea people!

  3. Fun post! Loved seeing all the CelebreTeas with the Little Blue teapot!

  4. The teapot certainly made the rounds at the event! Tea Time Magazine? Are we about to get famous?

  5. Oh Marilyn how FUN! I particularly love the one with Norwood who I think is wonderful! It looks like you got to see all the fun folks and I hope you and Little Blue had a great time. <3

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  7. It looks like your comment came through!

  8. Love your photos of all the tea folks. What a nice festival!
    Sips and Smiles

  9. Love your photos of all the tea folks. What a nice festival!
    Sips and Smiles

  10. Sorry I'm so late to comment, Marilyn. It was so nice to see you again this year at the festival!