Tuesday, September 1, 2015

TEAM DARJEELING: Parque De La Reserva and the teapot fountain!

After doing a little research online, I found a fountain that I knew I had to see and take pictures of for my friends following the traveling teapot.  I actually left the teapot at home this evening because my husband rolled his eyes when I told him I was going to bring it, and he mentioned that it was dark and wouldn't show up in pictures anyway.  Irma WAS there in spirit!  Once I arrived at the Parque De La Reserva, I realized I had been there before (a few years prior when I was in Lima).  I did not, however see the fountain I had come to see this day on my prior visit.

Although it was dark outside, I think the teapot would have showed up in some pictures.  However, I'm not sure we could have fit it in the car with  all of us (photo below is taken inside the car) They don't have the same seat belt laws in Peru as we do in the U.S.  I had my daughter on my lap and we were seat belted in. (We were lucky to have gotten a cab with seat belts this time, as they don't all have them!)

The park is a water park...primarily with beautiful fountains to look at.  Some you can play in and some are set to music with lights.  Because August is winter in Peru, we chose to not go in any fountains.

The show on this water feature lasted approximately 20 minutes or so with music, lights, and pictures/video showing on the water.

We walked through this tunnel without getting wet!

Here is one of the fountains you can play in.  On a summer day, I would have gone in for sure.  The water would change sporadically and suddenly.  Daring types would try to walk to the middle when the water dropped in front of them....but many were often caught unexpectedly getting sprayed when the designs of the water changed.

See the beautiful colors in this rainbow fountain- isn't in gorgeous?!

Yes, it is water!

And now I know how I missed this one the first time.  There is a second park- which either wasn't there last time, or we didn't venture over there.  In fact, we would have left this night, except for I wasn't going to leave without seeing the fountain I'd specifically wanted to see!

Here it is- see the steam coming out of the teacups?

Of course I had to pose like I was being poured a cup of tea :-)

Forget the cup, said my daughter

Thanks for coming along with us to the Parque de la Reserva!


  1. Enjoyed hearing about your husband's eye rolling !
    Rochelle, ATAA

  2. The fountains are just beautiful! The teapot fountain is so whimsical and the photo of your daughter drinking from it is such fun. I'm glad you were determined to find that teapot fountain.

  3. Spectacular!! What a wonderful experience for your daughter! I would love to see this in person!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Oh what a fantastic adventure. Those fountains are fabulous and of course the teapot part was my favorite. Nice post!

  5. Now if I ever go to Peru this would be on my list, especially the teapot fountain. How fun to have a family adventure including the taxi rides, oh my! I am with the others in really enjoying seeing all the fountains in the photos, but that last one with your daughter is so much fun! I love it!

  6. What a great fountain! Love the photos with your daughter!

  7. Loved this post and seeing all the beautiful fountains--especial the tea cup and tea pot one.

  8. Amazing! Such a delightful place and enjoyable even in the cold weather with the hot cups of tea.
    Sips and Smiles

  9. Amazing! Such a delightful place and enjoyable even in the cold weather with the hot cups of tea.
    Sips and Smiles