Friday, September 4, 2015


It is sad to see my month with Irma come to an end.  

I will say, my last day with her was absolutely delightful!  I met Barbara, our September host, for tea midway between our towns at The Secret Garden tea room in Sumner, WA.  We had never met before, and our only interaction up to this day was emails arranging this date to have tea and exchange the tardis.  What a treat to meet a fellow tea lover, and a new friend :-)  We chatted as if we've known one another for a long time...tea really does bring people together. 

Here is the entrance to the garden 

The Victorian mansion that houses The Secret Garden tea room is the historic Herber Williams House.  Here is Barbara and I outside the tea room.

The ambiance of The Secret Garden is spacious, friendly, and warm.  The gift shop is fabulous and the food is incredible!

We started with lemon-chicken soup (below right), followed by sorbet, scones, orzo pea salad (below left), then the 3-tiered tray of goodies!

The scones were served with cream, lemon curd, and jam

The server

Top Tier:
English cucumber sandwiches, dilled egg sandwiches, topical chicken sandwiches, artichoke spread with bread

Middle Tier:
Zesty peppadew with cream cheese filling, sundried tomato and basil short bread, gorgonzola and pear tart

Bottom Tier:
Vanilla pannacotta with passionfruit boba
Orange creamsicle shortbread, fudge brownie with hazelnut topping, chocolate macaron, chai tea creampuff, vanilla cupcake with raspberry buttercream

Irma sat at the table with us while we had tea

The owner, Elizabeth is great!  She is always so friendly and nice to talk with.  We shared with her all about ATAA and the traveling teapot.  She shared with us some of her exciting new tea tours she is leading through England and Canada.  

The photo below is taken with Elizabeth holding Irma....I wonder what Barbara will name our Tardis next???


  1. Such a lovely idea for the two of you to meet at a tearoom to hand Irma to its new hostess.
    I've really enjoyed your adventures with it and look forward to following its time with Barbara.
    Thanks so much Mara.

  2. Sounds like a really wonderful afternoon! The tea treats look delicious, and I love the building that houses the tearoom. Wish I didn't live on the other side of the country - otherwise I'd pay a visit. Heidi T.

  3. That tearoom was very generous with their offerings. So many desserts and kinds of sandwiches. It all looks so delicious!

    Nice to meet up with a new friend and pass off the Tardis. I am enjoying reading about everyone's adventures.

  4. The tearoom is beautiful and the food looks delicious! Thank you so much for sharing all of your fun adventures with the traveling teapot.

  5. How very, very special that you could have tea together and pass the Tardis on to Barbara. What a beautiful tearoom. The food looks amazing. Wow! I think I will receive the Tardis from Barbara for next month. Wondering if we will be able to hand it face to face. Then hoping it will turn around and come to the tea festival. Maybe there will be another picture for you with this special little teapot.

  6. Elaine mentioned enjoying reading about everyone's adventures. I certainly have too and have tried to leave comments accordingly with posts of each hostess so far. Having participated in the first traveling teapot adventure I know how much fun it is, but also how much time each hostess gives to planning, executing, photographing and blogging about their month with the traveling teapot. Kudos to all of you!

  7. I wish I lived close enough to have done this, but Colorado was a bit far from ohio lol lol but love my july wish I would have known I could have changed Dudley's name lol lol

  8. So special that you were able to exchange the traveling teapot in person, and at such an extra special location!

  9. What a really nice adventure. And so good of you both to get to meet each other for Tea.Fun!

  10. What a great way to wrap up your time with the teapot. Brava!

  11. Perfect handoff! The Secret Garden looks like a wonderful tea room! How I wish I lived closer!
    Sips and Smiles

  12. Perfect handoff! The Secret Garden looks like a wonderful tea room! How I wish I lived closer!
    Sips and Smiles

  13. The passionfruit boba is intriguing. What an elegant spin-off from the original boba drink. This looks like a caviar pudding.