Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Back in Ohio! Frogtown?

Team Oolong
Tardis Teapot has arrived safely back in Ohio and will reside with me, Elaine, for awhile.  I will admit that I know absolutely nothing about Dr. Who, so I'll just let Tardis tell you of his travels, adventures, and encounters over the next month.

Well, I have arrived again, and I believe I've been to this state before.  But I have greeted this new hostess, and will have a bit of a look around this new home.  This looks like a sunny breezeway, and I can tell already hostess loves tea.  Look at that teapot birdfeeder ready to go outside as soon as weather breaks.
I arrived with lovely gifts from Martha, my last hostess.  Boy!  Did we have fun!
She sent chocolate and candy and lovely cards and a beautiful silver teapot magnet. 
Ooh, ooh, ooh, hostess just opened another of the gifts to find a very cool tea tin with a picture of me on it and a wonderful smelling tea from Adagio.  I think that will be our first pot of tea later tonight!  
So, let's see who else lives here...
There's a beeeeuutiful teapot and cup of Staffordshire transferware in the colored Tonquin pattern.  Hostess tells me that was her grandmother's china and remembers many Christmas and Easter dinners on that china.
A bit of Asian flair here with a bamboo handled earthenware pot with a lizard on the lid.  Along side is another bamboo handled contemporary square design set.  In the background is hostess and hubby on their trip to Sri Lanka to visit tea estates, and to the left is one of the interesting friends they met along the way.  On the right is a pear shaped tea caddy.  Looks old with ivory inlay at the keyhole, but she will probably have to take it to Antiques Roadshow to see if it's real or a replica. 
Wow!  I love the company here!  Another Asian inspired pot with two different but coordinating teacups made by a local artist of some notoriety.  And, of course, what's not to like in a bowl of stone and wooden shaped hearts.
My favorite companion might be this old English stoneware pot with metal cozy painted with an exotic orchid on front.  Man, it has character, just like me!  Hostess says she owns Wild Orchid Teas, so, I'm guessing that it's one of her favorites, too.
And, I think I'm going to be quite comfortable here in Toledo, aka, T-Town, Glass City (the glass capital of the world), and Frog Town (as it was once part of the Black Swamp).
See you again soon!  xoxo, Tardis


  1. What beautiful teapots The Tardis is keeping company with in Ohio! I love the variety of styles you’ve shared Elaine and look forward to seeing more. How special to have such a lovely one that was your grandmothers. And I absolutely love your old English stoneware pot with the painted metal cozy.
    Enjoy your month… It will be enjoyable to follow along.

  2. Love your home. Thank the teapot for taking us on a delightful tour. I'm sure the teapot will enjoy spending time at Wild Orchid Teas.
    Sips and Smiles,

  3. Oh yes, Tardis is going to have a great month in Ohio. I can tell already! Great times, little teapot!

  4. Loved visiting with you and seeing all the lovely teapots you are visiting. What fun gifts the last hostess sent too. Enjoy your time in Ohio.

  5. I think all the fun is in Ohio! I want to come visit! Have fun Elaine!