Monday, March 7, 2016

Lots More Teapot Friends

Not much happening as hostess recovers from the flu.  But, she did get out a bit and took me to Elaine's Tea Shoppe to hang out with some more teapot friends.
This is the Tea Cottage.  All those tins are filled with tea for service in the tea room with Elaine's homemade scones or her baker Beth's fabulous shortbreads.  Let's see... which tea shall I enjoy today?
OMG!  Look at all the teapot friends lined up on display on this shelf.  They let me lead the pack today.  These are Elaine's favorite collection of pots, those she just can't part with.  There are gifts from friends, her mother's teapot, her grandmother's, and some very unusual characters.  I feel right at home!

And here are more of the collection, but these are now for sale.  That's me on the top, not for sale, but just meeting the gang.  There was another whole shelf of teapots on the opposite wall of the shop, which almost came down one day since the neighboring business had hammered on the walls enough to make the mounting screws come out of the wall.  That was a panic!  But with the help of a customer, all teapots were saved before the shelf fell--thank heavens! 

This is the blue display in the shop, and so, I seem to fit right in here! 
So many new friends that will eventually find their way to someone's home for that special tea time.  I wonder where they will all go...
Just waiting for hostess to get back in the full swing of things, and then we will meet some lovely people enjoying tea.
And, of course, I'll serve.


  1. It was such fun to get a glimpse into your tea shoppe, Elaine. Lucky Tardis!

  2. Just loved looking around your tea shoppe, Elaine. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  3. What a beautiful tea shoppe and such a wonderful wealth of teas! Feel better soon, Elaine!

  4. Loved seeing a glimpse of your shop, Elaine. Hope you are feeling better today. How scary to almost have a wall of teapots on your floor. Glad it turned out OK. It was fun to see the Tardis leading the pack and sitting with the blue.

  5. How fun to see the Tea Shoppe! A tea lover's delight.
    Rochelle, ATAA

  6. Cute post, and I loved seeing all the teapots!