Friday, July 31, 2015

oolong team teapot dudley in Ohio for July

Dudley meeting some of my teacups

Dudley and some of my teapots (I do not collect teapots)

Dudley with my angels drinking tea

Dudley and my favorite teacups

Dudley and my Green Bay Packer tree

The newest future tea drinker 3 months old


  1. these were a few pictures at my home in New Springfield. Ohio just learning how to do this last one is newest future tea drinker at my home. my newest granddaughter 12 weeks old

  2. not sure how to go to next pictures, it keeps saying comment should not be empty

  3. ok, think I have this figured out a little need to find more pictures and how to get them off facebook to this blog. these pictures are from July 3rd.

  4. Nice company Dudley was having. No we don't collect teapots, but they collect us.

  5. Dudley fits right in that china cabinet.