Saturday, November 21, 2015

"I like adventures, and I'm going to find some."- Louisa May Alcott

"I like adventures, and I'm going to find some." Those words from Louisa May Alcott exemplify the journey of the traveling teapot and the Tardis.  It seemed fitting that I should show the Tardis the Orchard House, home of Louisa May Alcott and the setting for the book, "Little Women".

This morning my sister and I took a daytrip to Concord, Massachusetts. The Tardis accompanied us on our latest adventure. Here's the outside of the Orchard House. All dressed up for Fall and looking as homey and cozy as it was in the story of Louisa and her sisters.

And here I am photographing the Tardis. My new riding boots served me well for walking around this beautiful town known for the first battle of the Revolutionary War. Concord also has a rich literary history.

The Alcott's property consists of two buildings, the Main House and the Concord School of Philosophy.

I think if we could have visited in October we would have had full color in this area. Now most trees are barren and the leaves on the ground are brown. I do love the shape of that tree in the foreground.

We were lucky to see some smoke coming from that cool chimney. Louisa May wrote of cozy fires and nights spent with the family gathered around the fireplace.

I really liked the architecture of the Concord School of Philosophy. I took the Tardis for a closer look.

 Tardis rested while I had a look around.

There was a sweet little garden dedicated to "Little Women".

A better view of the small garden and it's placement on the property.

I love old windows, I especially like seeing a lovely lamp illuminated behind a historic window.

We actually got here later in the afternoon just before Orchard House closed so we did not go inside.

So we will back track. Before Orchard House, we went shopping. This chalkboard at Nesting On Main was especially timely as we give thanks at our American Thanksgiving on Thursday. I am grateful for the opportunity to show the Tardis my corner of the world in New England. I am grateful for my sister who is always a willing participant in so many of my adventures. We always have fun together.

Oh, and I am grateful for shops like Nesting on Main in Concord. I am always inspired by the magic of this store.  Nesting is known for their holiday displays and they never disappoint.

Every shelf, every bit of wall space, is carefully planned. The blending of vintage and new is seamless.

As I said I am inspired by their creativity and I often try to replicate their ideas in my own home.

Rustic and bling, it all works beautifully at Nesting.

We took a break from shopping and visited Haute Coffee. My sister opted for the Parisian Hot Chocolate. She is a hot chocolate connoisseur.

And this is Phoebe, she is a sweet fixture in Concord. Today we saw her at Nesting but she actually belongs to the shopkeeper next door to Nesting. Phoebe is quite the wanderer but she can be bribed to behave with cookies.

Tardis really enjoyed his time in Concord and he can put another entry in his passport. Hopefully we can squeeze in one more adventure before he has to leave for his next destination.


  1. One of my past vacations was spent right here in Concord. How I loved that place and we did make it into the house, which was such a delight. I would love the Nesting shop too. Just my cup of tea, I would say. Thanks for this wonderful adventure with the Tardis, a step back in time.

  2. What a fun day. I can just see Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy strolling along the brick sidewalk.
    Sips and Smiles

  3. Nice adventure. The hot chocolate looks like it was filled to the brim.
    Rochelle, ATAA

  4. Elaine, please know how much I’ve enjoyed exploring your part of the country through your posts here.
    Thank you for such an interesting journey.

  5. Thanks to all who commented. I wish I could have made it into Boston with the Tardis but I had to send him off to Canada for his next adventure. I will have a wrap up post after Thanksgiving.