Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tardis visits Phillips Andover and the Andover Historic District

Tardis has been with me a few weeks and I realized I had not taken him shopping. Since I am big on shopping local I decided to visit my friend Colleen at her shop Brissonte in North Reading. Tardis enjoyed his shopping experience.

We may not want to think about Christmas decorating yet but we sure do need to plan for it.

Tardis really liked the velvet pumpkins. Me too. I have a few at my home on display as we speak.

There are so many pretty things for home décor in this shop. A sprinkling of vintage items too.

Colleen's shop is so much fun. I never go out empty handed. When you buy something you always get a Hershey's kiss with your receipt.

We continued north on Route 28 to the lovely Town of Andover which was incorporated in 1646. We took a walk around the historic district on Main Street. I love all the houses with multiple chimneys. I can imagine they have fantastic rooms with fireplaces.

This house needed some TLC but it was still spectacular. It was a much prettier green than it shows in the photo. It was a little washed out by the bright sun.

Notice the box shape of many of the homes.

Most of the leaves are gone at this point but occasionally you can find a nice golden tree.

I loved this house over by Phillips Andover. Phillips Andover is the very prestigious and pricey school that counts George Bush Sr. and Jr. as alumni.

I think this home is part of the housing of the school. Another boxy home with multiple chimneys.

A better look at the house from the front.

                                              And an even closer look at the lovely façade.

Back home we checked out our purchases from Brissonte. A favorite magazine and a little something for the Thanksgiving table.

And now for the next event of the day, football. Percy is ready. Tardis will get his introduction to American football and I will turn him into a Patriots fan.


  1. You bought the same magazine I would buy. I love it. I also love those houses and the shop. What a fun adventure with the Tardis. Hummm??? A Patriot's fan? He may be a fickle fan with each new adventure he takes.

  2. What a fun and entertaining post! I love those velvet pumpkins too.

  3. What a beautiful day.
    Rochelle, ATAA

  4. Wow! You were born to blog! Loving your posts :-)

  5. What a fun shop and such special things you chose to take home...
    It is wonderful to "tour" a bit of your area and see the difference in the style of homes from what we have here in So. CA.

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  7. What a fun and scenic day! I love the Hershey kiss with your receipt idea;
    Sips and smiles,