Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tardis, the Police Box, and a sidewalk tea party

The minute I saw that the Traveling Teapot was the Tardis and a Police Box, I knew where I would take it when it was my turn to host. My town has a police box in our downtown square!

So I set up a tea table and let the Tardis sit atop it so he could look out on Stoneham Square.

 I invited Stoneham's finest but no takers. That would have been fun.

So, my sister Sheila, my friend Jeanne, and Kathy, the shop owner from the business behind the police box decided to take a few photos for you all. Kathy's business is housed in an architectural gem of a building.

I decided to go informal and use paper cups. They did have teapots on them. I did not want to risk breaking any of my precious tea cups plus I was lugging quite enough stuff already. The table, chairs, tea, camera, and of course that precious cargo, The Tardis.

Here's a sister's shot. The tea is Harrod's No. 42. My absolute favorite! It's not easy to procure a stash of Harrod's tea but I have quite a few tins thanks to the kindness of friends who have traveled to London.

Here's a closer look at the very happy Tardis who has found a kindred spirit in Stoneham's Police Box.

This Police Box is a replica of the original box which was not nearly as attractive.

Yes, our town is quite old and mainly known as a shoe town way back when.

You can probably enlarge the photo to read the history of the Police Box.

Here's the final view of the box as it looks across Main Street at another landmark The Stoneham Theatre. Another beautiful day in New England. Tardis has been so lucky with the weather.

Soon, it will look like this in Stoneham. This is the church that is closest to our Town Common. It always reminds me of a Currier and Ives painting. I thought I might share a few photos from my hometown. These were taken last Winter which was historic for snowfall in the Boston area.

The fire station in Stoneham is always decorated nicely at Christmas time. Santa is in the tower although you can't see him.

The Town Common is illuminated by colorful lights during the holidays.

We have a gazebo on the Common. I would love to see it lit up. This year a local realtor is teaming up with a landscaping company and we will have a skating rink in the Winter months.

Yes in that spot right there. There will be families making memories on the Common.

This will be the scene in a few short months but today we had sunshine and warm temperatures and for that I am thankful. Tomorrow we are meeting friends for afternoon tea in Framingham.

The journey continues for Tardis.


  1. Oh I love the Tardis visit to your town, the police box, and having tea right there on the sidewalk. Good for you! What a treat for this special blue teapot. Love the Christmas views of your Commons also.

    1. We got some funny looks by people driving by! Thought I would share some photos for a sense of place.

  2. Elaine, Thanks for the gallery of lovely photos. I think your sidewalk tea party is inspirational! I would have joined you in an instant. We have an area in our small downtown with tables and chairs and music for the weekend farmers market. Should be another weekend or two where I could give it a go.

    And the snow scenes are wonderful too. We just had our first serious snow here in the Sierra Nevada of Northern California. It was heavy rain (YEA!!!) at my 2500' level that turned white just a short drive up the road.

    Enjoy the rest of your teapot adventure so that we can continue to live vicariously through this journey.

  3. Thanks Babette! I think I might just change the name of this post to include sidewalk tea party. Snow already? I love snow but not quite ready after last Winter.

  4. Just beautiful! What lovely photos, a perfect spot for tea with the tardis!!!

  5. Clever and delightful post. Perhaps the police declined because they are coffee and donut devotees.
    Rochelle, ATAA

  6. Now this a tea party that I would love! What a fun idea!

  7. *flails* a POLICE BOX tea party! Oh this is the best, I am just loving it. <3