Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Tea at Pauline's

Oh do come in, we've been waiting for you.

Kismet the kitten, greeted us at Pauline's lovely home. The living room was cozy and inviting and a perfect respite from the raw, rainy weather outside.
We dined on shrimp sandwiches.

And mushroom sandwiches and curried chicken sandwiches.

Pauline made cream scones and crescent rolls. We had strawberry jam, lemon curd
 and pumpkin butter.

I had to try them all. Everything was delicious!

We had a few tea options. Lady Grey, Boston Harbor and Cranberry Autumn.

Deborah, Kim, and Pauline enjoyed the company of the Tardis. I told them all about the Traveling Teapot and it's adventures.

Kim is my friend from high school and I met Pauline and Deborah years ago in a tea group. In 1997, I joined the Greater Boston Friends of Victoria tea group. The group was active with tea events for about 10 years and then the group dismantled. I have remained friends with several of the ladies and we get together occasionally.

Pauline brought out the desserts.

She set them right in front of me. A little bit of decadence on her amethyst glass cake stand.
We had mini red velvet cakes, lemon squares, chocolate ganache cheesecakes, iced brownies and pretzel bars. I took a doggie bag to my sister who could not attend today's tea.

I had to take a last photo of Kismet who is helping Pauline and her husband Scott heal their hearts from the loss of their cat Whisper. Kismet has found herself a safe and loving home.

The adventure continues with the Tardis and I hope I will have something to blog about this weekend.


  1. What a very lovely tea time you and Tardis were able to attend. Everything was to perfection. What a treat!

  2. The setting looks amazing and the food delicious. Delightful!

  3. Looks amazing, I wish I could have an inside cat. super allergic, we have an awesome outdoor cat named Sammy. So inspiring that you have maintained your tea friends. Enjoy the teapot. I miss my Dudley that took me on many adventures in July from the oolong team.

  4. Simply a wonderful shared tea time....

  5. Very sweet.
    Rochelle, ATAA

  6. Very cozy and delicious! I love it a lot! Reading your blog is so interesting
    Lisa Myfancybathroom

  7. Tea, tardis, and a KITTEN? I wish I was there! :-)

  8. What a great selection of tea time goodies! Looks delightful. Thank you for including us through your blog.

  9. What a fun tea party. Tea friends are forever friends and some of the best people.
    Sips and Smiles,