Friday, December 11, 2015

A Christmas Medley of Friendship Tea Party

The teapot is sleeping in this morning.  She used twelve and a half gallons of water to brew 27 pots of tea the past two days.   
The Table
Tiered Servers
Opera Creams
Dolce Candied Grapefruit
Mint Medley Squares
Tinkling Lemon Triangles
Poco Pesto Bites
Beet Harmony on Endive Leaves
Notable Meatballs
Cucumber Notes
Pimento Bells
Harmonic Ham Salad
Forte of Pork and Horseradish

I didn't get a photo of the scone course
Eve Hill's Kensington Palace Cream Scones
Christmas Candied Fruit Scones
Lemon Curd
Red Raspberry Jelly
Spiced Wine Jelly
Weddelshire Cream

Tea Friends
Sparkling Pear Juice has became a Christmas tradition for our gathering along with . . .
Christmas Crackers
We read this party script from Maxine
The tea friends were quite expressive while reading their parts.
It was a fun activity and gave us lots of laughs.
The teapot handed out my gifts for the gift exchange
We each received a handmade umbrella from one of the ladies.
This is a very talented group.  Each umbrella reflected our personality.  Mine featured Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

The next day we turned around and did the entire thing again, this time it was with my Aunts.  We no longer get together at Christmas, so it is always fun to share time together. 

 These Christmas tea parties started back in 2006 with my aunts.  In 2012, I started making it a two day event and inviting the tea friends the second day.
Tea Party with My Aunts
My grandson's tea goodies on the second day.  
He wouldn't miss a tea party and drinks his share of tea.

Casablanca from Mariage Freres was the favorite tea with the tea ladies.  The Aunts favored White Raspberry Ginger from a local tea room and St. Nicks from Simpson and Vail.

Sips and Smiles


  1. Very lovely.
    Rochelle, ATAA

  2. Oh I loved reading your menu and seeing the food and festivities. What a wonderful tradition. I love sparkling pear juice with tea time too. Yummm!

  3. I love how much effort you put into your teas. I am sure it is appreciated by family and friends.