Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tea and Quilts

Another Afternoon tea gathering was planned with some old and new friends... 6 in total, 3 got sick. I was especially pleased that Judith (this was a surprise tea for her) was able to attend. Judith is a friend, who used to be a client, many years ago.  Isn't it interesting how at times a client turns into a friend over a cuppa.   When I first met her, she was going through Chemo therapy and her friends surprised her with a tea that time as well.

She is healthy again and once in while she bemoans the fact that I no longer have a tea company to cater afternoon teas for her and her clients.  So I decided to have her over at my home and she brought her friend Donna.  I also invited Ana Paula, my Argentinian Camino friend who is an artist when it comes to quilting.  I asked her to bring some of her quilts and so she did and what a show and tell we enjoyed.

Let the Show begin.

Ana does traditional quilts, but she specializes in Art quilts.  Her technique is precise and she uses free hand machine quilting and embellishments to create her quilted paintings.

A combination of tradition and new.  The portrait has tiny tiny square.

Black and White quilting

 Memories of Japan, a few years ago she attended and International Quilt show and competition.

 Fairy garden
 The Lady in Green

Pilgrim on the Camino
Ana has plans to create 33 quilts depicting the 33 stages of the Camino Frances.  These quilts will be part of a quilt show in a park.  She aims to have this showing in Summer 2016.

 Oh that is one of her favorite quilts.. Marilyn Monroe.

In case you are wondering, YES we did get to have our afternoon tea. A festive table set for my friends.

Wonderful to see how much my 3 friends enjoyed each others company, I made the usual fare. Scones etc, Savories and Sweets and we drank some of the An Ji Bai Cha that I had left and the Golden Monkey tea.

This time, the Tardis truly became a part of the Afternoon Tea service.

Until next time, Sip a cup of sunshine, Sip a Cup of Tea.


  1. Oh my! These ladies are very talented. Please tell them their masterpieces are admired. I loved your table and tea time as well!

  2. Always nice to have tea with friends. I would love to try the Golden Monkey tea. Sounds interesting.

  3. What a special tea time. I loved the amazing quilts. I must say Marilyn Monroe would be a favorite, but that one from the Camino is also just amazing. Thanks for sharing them.

  4. What a talented quilter! Thank you for sharing the show and tell. Your tea table looks so inviting.
    Sips and Smiles