Monday, December 7, 2015

Victorian Tea at the Bloomfield House

Dr. Bloomfield's home was built in 1879.  The Henry county historical society has restored the home to it's original grandeur.  The home has been decorated for the holiday season and yesterday, I attended their Holiday Victorian tea.

The Menu
Our Table
Our Place Settings
Apple Caramel Scones
The Sandwiches
Our Filled Plates
The Sweets
We find it difficult to visit with a tiered server in the middle of a table.  We have solved the problem at tables for four by sitting two shorter people opposite each other.  We have no problem looking through the server and the taller people have the side view.  Whenever we share tea time, conversation flows as plentiful as the tea.
Decorated Window
More Victorian Decor
The Sitting Room
Buffet in the Dining Room
Dining Room Tree
Beaded purses on display
Wouldn't you love to get ready in this bedroom?
Same bedroom as above
Another bedroom with vintage clothing
Close Up of the Window Decor
I love the wardrobe.  Hmmm, what shall I wear?
Bedroom decorated for little girls
Doll Collection
Old Toys - notice the many tea sets

In memory of the lives lost during the bombing of Pearl Harbor 74 years ago today, my morning cup of tea is Makai Black Hawaiian Tea.  Makai means "to face toward the sea".  The tea, grown in Hawaii, is very smooth, a bit smokey, a bit sweet, and very unique.  The dry leaves are in the lower left of the photo.  They are very large, twisted leaves.  I used Hawaiian water, purchased at Marshalls, bottled at the source in Keaau, Hawaii.  I don't have a fresh Hawaiian pineapple for breakfast so I am substituting an Alohamac by Hawaiian Host.  I am warning you, don't try these things.  I purchased my first bag at the Polynesian Resort at Walt Disney World.  I inhaled them and luckily, found them when I returned home at Menard's.  The chocolate covering the macadamia nuts is so smooth.  They come in both dark or milk chocolate to keep everyone happy. 

I read the poem "Freedom is Not Free" by Kelly Strong and reflected on the service of our military men and women. Our freedom is certainly not free.  My gratitude to everyone currently serving, and everyone who has served, in our military. 

Simply Sips Today,


  1. Such a beautiful tea room - and lovingly appointed for the holidays! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful
    Rochelle, ATAA

  3. Oh my - what a wonderful post Teresa. The Traveling Teapot must of loved this place. Where do I start - how about the food! Those sandwiches look wonderful and what a lovely table. The decorations at this historic place are amazing. What fun photos and touring. Loved it all.

  4. Nice to see the teapot having tea in this beautiful place. Everything was beautiful! I would thoroughly love having tea here. Thanks for your sharing this wonderful tea time with the traveling teapot.

  5. BEAUTIFUL home for a tea party! Thoughtful memorial to those who lost their lives during the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

  6. Lovely tribute to those lost at Pearl Harbor. Elegant tea room and love the tasteful Christmas décor.