Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Part II of the Allen County Christmas Tree Festival-Time Traveler Day

Since today is "Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day", the teapot is visiting a couple other time periods.  (Not that this is anything unusual to the Tartis.)    

While attending the Christmas Tree Festival in Lima, we also toured two additional buildings, which are part of their complex.

First the Log Cabin

They were making bean soup in the kettle hanging in the fireplace.  I love the fireplaces in the old log cabins.

The Victorian Home
 Members of the Victorian Guild decorated the home in Victorian fashion
The lady welcoming us at the door had a muff.  How I loved my muffs as a little girl!
Front Door
As you can see above in the photo of the house, screen doors are on the outside of the home.  Inside the screened area is a small (I am sure there is a term for this area, but I am not well versed in Victorian homes) space that held an umbrella stand and would allow visitors a place to wait out of the elements.  Directly above is the ornate dutch door.
Parlor decorated for the holidays
Mannequins were dressed in Victorian clothing and having a nice holiday gathering.  
Notice the silver tea set between the two rooms.
I love old chandeliers
An intimate gathering
Lovely tree and piano
These two gentlemen didn't say a word
The dining room
Beautiful cabinets lined the entire wall
I believe the men would have congregated in this area.
A sweet little teacup tree
Smaller dining room
Sewing area
Beaded purse display
This would be the perfect place to curl up with a good book.
It was on the second floor and overlooked the back yard.
Opposite end of the same room
Perfect setting for a private afternoon tea
Children's room
Teddy and me for tea
Upstairs bedroom
Love this bed and fireplace
I would have a hard time choosing a bedroom
Upstairs sitting room
I love the reading nook on the landing between the two floors
The curved window is stained glass
How I want to play a Christmas carol on that gramophone
This is the upstairs landing, on the right, behind the railing in the above photo of the stairway
So relaxing
The restroom is "concealed" in a corner of the room
I would love to address my Christmas cards from this very spot.

Hope you enjoyed another home tour.  

Sips and Smiles,


  1. Beautiful Christmas trees.
    Rochelle, ATAA

  2. Oh I love visiting historic sights such as this. I could just imagine having tea in many of the rooms or by the fire in the log cabin.

  3. Gorgeous old home. Such elegance at Christmas time. Wish we all decorated like back in the day.