Friday, December 4, 2015

Mrs. Claus drinks Lipton

We had a fun filled day.  Our grandson is spending a couple nights, so the teapot has been helping keep him occupied.

We noticed this kit at the grocery yesterday.  Since it was a train, it made it's way into our cart.  
The kit is not large, but it contained everything but the butter to make two trains.  The mold is made of light plastic and may make a few more trains, if handled carefully.
The tubes of frosting work with either hand, or both hands if you prefer.

We didn't spend a lot of time decorating.

This little tea set is made by Hasbro.  It serves green, red, or yellow tea.  When you push the knob on the top, Abby Cadabby says many different things, such as "Glorious green tea", then she makes a steaming sound and says "Tea is ready."  The pot lights up in either green, red or yellow.  When you tip it to pour into the cup, the cup glows the same color.  We have had this toy for a couple years and it is a hit with any child who visits.

We had several more activities to fit in our day, such as picking out a Christmas tree at the tree farm and attending the local college's Christmas Carnival.  The proceeds were used to benefit the college's Dance Marathon project, which supports the Toledo Children's Miracle Network.
Students put on the entire event with help from some community sponsors.

The teapot enjoyed playing the Tic Tac Toe Santa Hat game.

The students were very creative in making games from items available to them.  This nerf football knocked over just enough cans to win a few tickets.  Winners chose which prizes to try to win, by placing the tickets in jars next to prizes.

It was time to visit Santa and Mrs. Claus.  This is Santa's house in Defiance, Ohio.  The teapot is waiting patiently on the bottom railing. Can you find her?

Mrs. Claus asked what kind of tea we liked.  She said she likes good old Lipton tea bags.

Then we went for a ride on the holiday trolley through Defiance.
The teapot wanted a seat of her own, since she didn't want to miss any of the city light display.  She also enjoyed the gentleman riding the back of the trolley playing his guitar and singing Christmas carols.  She was bopping her handle and spout in time with Jingle Bells.

Skaters on a pond

These lights are large enough to drive under.

In keeping with our train theme today, this is the the locomoty and caboosy.

Another large display, this time candles.

Our bedtime cup of tea was courtesy of Rosemary again.  We shared the last mint tea bag.  The little cup had several "marshmallows" (sugar cubes) in it.  The biscotti was delicious, and you can see the back wheel is missing from the top train.

This is just one of many Christmas tea cups in my collection.  It has glowing Christmas candles nestled in "Christmas Holly" (which is written on the side of the cup and top of the saucer.)  The bottom has C-889 and a sticker "Hand Crafted in Japan".

Until Tomorrow . . .
Sips and Smiles,


  1. What a joy to read your post which has jogged so many fun memories from celebrating with the little ones!

    I'm looking forward to the day after Christmas when the neighbor children come to eat our gingerbread house again.

    Thanks for your sharing...

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  3. What a fun adventure with the Tardis and your grandson. It was definitely a day to enjoy the Christmas season. Loved seeing the teapot enjoy them too.

  4. Very nice Christmas adventure.
    Rochelle, ATTA

  5. Thank you for sharing! The rice crispy trains look like fun to make with a little one.