Monday, December 21, 2015

Stranleigh House and the Battle of Fallen Timbers

The Stranleigh House at Toledo Wildwood Metropark

R.A. and F.D. Stranahan, brothers,  founded the Champion Spark Plug Company in Toledo Ohio.  
They amassed great wealth.  R.A. and his wife Page had this home built.  It was during the depression and over 100 local workers built the home from 1936 to 1938.  The home is impressive and during the holidays, the rooms are decorated by volunteers.  The home is open to the public for tours. 

Monthly teas are held in the home from April to November, on the first Friday of the month.  Volunteers, called "Tea Ladies" make and serve the tea sandwiches and desserts.  Each month features a theme and colors.  
April - Treasures of Toledo Tea (Blue and White)
May - Crown Jewels Tea (Royal Purple and Gold)
June - From Sea to Shining Sea (Red, White and Blue)
July - no tea is held
August - Friends of the Forest (Kiwi Green, Black and White)
September - Much Ado About . . . Tea (Teal and Gold)
October - Spooky Tea (Black, Orange and Purple)
November - Lights on Broadway (Gold and Black)
The teapot taking a break on a bench in the park
Getting in the Christmas decorations
Keeping an eye on Mr. Bud Jacobs
Bud has played the piano at the Wildwood Teas for many years.  When the 2016 tea season starts in April, he will be playing at his 100th tea.  He usually brings several of his students to entertain the guests. Some are vocalists, while others play various instruments.  
Glitz and Glamour is the theme in the Living Room
Baby Boy Tree
Baby Girl Tree
Baby Bathroom
A Honey of a Christmas
Firefighter Christmas as the Kitchen theme
Baby, It's Cold Outside
The Legend of the Christmas Stocking
Stocking Bedroom
Miss Millie's Christmas Tea Party
Christmas in Bloom
Splish Splash, Frozen in the Bath
Every inch of this Bathroom was decorated
I loved the Window Treatment
Ice Storm
50 Years of Gardening at the Toledo Botanical Gardens
Dr. Seuss at Christmas
Pedal Back Into Time
Wanda is the head of the Metropark Teas.  Here she is posing with the teapot.
When traveling to tea rooms, I enjoy stopping along the way.  Many times, historical sites are close to home and we never take time to visit.  Such was the case with Fallen Timbers.  It is within an hour of my home, yet I had never taken time to stop.  It is another of the Toledo Metroparks.
The monument in the distance
The front of the monument, explaining the Greenville Treaty.
Chief Little Turtle and His Warriors
The Settlers
Onward in Peace
View from the Monument
Turkey Foot Rock
I wasn't the only visitor.  I watched several squirrels gathering nuts and playing.

Sips and Smiles,


  1. Such interesting travels! Love the Manor House especially when decorated for Christmas.

  2. What a lovely adventure with the teapot. I loved seeing all the decorations throughout the house. I can just imagine the music was wonderful too. You live in such a special part of our country for history.

  3. Thank you for so carefully photographing all those wonderful spaces! I got a big kick out of the Frozen themed bathroom. How clever!

  4. Wow
    Rochelle, ATAA

  5. Yes, this was a lovely adventure...thank you for sharing!