Thursday, December 24, 2015

Cirque Dreams Holidaze - East Mulberry Cottage - Elaine's Tea Shop

Last night, the teapot tagged along to Cirque Dreams Holidaze.  We were entranced watching the aerialists, jugglers, skaters, quick changers, hoopsters, balancers, etc.  The segment with audience participation was hilarious.  I could hear the teapot chuckling.
It was nice to take a break from the holiday hustle and bustle.  We baked cookies and made candy the previous two nights.  After 8 kinds of cookies and 6 kinds of candy, I was ready for a break.  I did a bit of last minute shopping prior to the show.  If you happen to need some last minute gifts, (or you are ever in the area) I highly recommend East Mulberry Gift Cottage in Bryan, Ohio.
The proprietor of this sweet little shop is Sharon Gyurnek, pictured below.
She is so welcoming and the perfect little boutique owner!

Her jewelry display is beautiful.
Many color coordinated displays fill her shop.  She carries both new and vintage items.
This tree with little frilly dresses as ornaments was adorable.  I love the hat tree topper.
Another display
(The teapot loved everything and posed for photos.  Can you find her?)

If it is tea things you are after, perhaps a visit to Elaine's Tea Shoppe is in order.

The teapot hopped right up to a table for a photo.
Elaine is busy helping a customer.  The store was quite busy the day we stopped.
And if you are in Toledo, how about a visit to Children's Wonderland.
This Christmas display began in 1963.
It has evolved over the years and even changed location.
The teapot enjoyed playing in the kids area.  Here she is decorating a tree with felt ornaments.  
And she had to climb on top of the puzzle cubes.
This little clown has been part of the display since my children were little.  They were mesmerized by him for hours.  He flips over the bar, time and time again.

Hope all of your holiday preparations are about finished.  I have a few things to do yet, so I better get busy.

Sips and Smiles,


  1. What a fun place!
    Rochelle, ATAA

  2. Thank you for taking us along on your travels. I enjoy it so much. Have a wonderful time with your family and friends this holiday season. Merry Christmas.

  3. My but the little teapot has many adventures with you this month. What a treat!