Saturday, December 19, 2015

Log Cabin Christmas

We recently attended an open house at an area log cabin.
Look closely, the teapot is hiding in the flowerbed in front of the house.
In 1987, the widow of an original owner's descendant passed away.  The home was sold to the neighbors across the road.  They had taken care of the elderly couple who had no children.  At that time, the home did not look like a log cabin.  For twelve years, the new owners, and their grown children, restored the home to the original cabin, inside and out.   The parents have passed away and the home currently belongs to one of their sons and his wife.  Each year at Christmas, they open the cabin for tours.  I had been in the cabin a couple times years ago.  Once, shortly after the widow passed away, and later to chaperone a school field trip to the cabin.
We were greeted with hot waissel and cookies in the kitchen area.
My family used to cook on an old cookstove when I was growing up.  We had electricity, but it was a novelty to do things like prior generations.  Ours didn't look exactly like this, I believe ours was probably a newer model.  I have very fond memories of baking, cooking and drying wet clothes and boots with our cookstove.
A cabinet in the kitchen area.
The dining and living area.
Corner of the dining area.
Joseph Bachman is my Great, Great, Great Grandfather.
During the school field trip, years ago, I found this information.
I can't describe the feeling, when I first learned he had helped build this cabin.  Seeing something they helped build, after all these years was amazing.
The yellow star on the wall marks where the writing is.
The bedroom
More of the bedroom
And another of the bedroom
Living area
This pump organ was rigged up by the later descendant to play by hooking a vacuum cleaner to it.  He invented many things and has his name on many US patents.  Our church organist happens to be a family member of the cabin owners and played a Christmas hymn for us.
This sign was by the wassail.  It was interesting to learn a bit about the history of the hot cider drink.

We had a lovely time and enjoyed our visit.

Sips and Smiles,


  1. My goodness, you and the little teapot have been busy going here and there, having so much fun.
    Rochelle, ATAA

  2. I can imagine how special and moving it was to learn that your great-great-great grandfather helped build this very special log cabin so many years ago. Family history is a gift that is beyond any other.....
    So very happy for you....and thank you for sharing.

  3. How very wonderful to visit this log cabin with you and the teapot. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. What a beautiful cabin --- so nicely restored and furnished. It is very special that your ancestor helped to build this cabin --- and that the traveling teapot was able to tour it with you. Thank you for sharing.

  5. What an awesome cabin. My husband loves me - Me? Is there such a thing as a Shabby Chic one - probably! I enjoyed this posting!

  6. So quaint and cozy.
    Rochelle, ATAA