Monday, February 8, 2016

PART THE THIRD – in which the traveling teapot reflects about his travels, hears of some kind people, and leaves us a poem to enjoy with tea.

After the Tardis' departure, I found a few more photos and observations that were left behind, I'm sure with the intention that I should find them.  Here's what I've discovered:

"During my flight here, there were only a few chances to see what I was missing in this vast country, so I used my special powers to travel through time and space to two places I passed,  the prairies and hills in the ranching and farming district of southwest Saskatchewan, and the mountains near Banff.   Here are a couple of memorable glimpses.  I was amazed at how enormous the skies were,

  And while I'd expected to see lots of cattle and horses, I was surprised to spot this flock of sheep with their guardian llama. 
Zooming over the Rockies, I spotted Lake Louise, and then the famous hotel there, Chateau Lake Louise (I think they serve afternoon tea - at least they did at one time, with a harpist providing soft music in the background) - wouldn't that be a great place to stop for a special visit?


Not far from Lake Louise, I saw the Vermilion Lakes just outside Banff - definitely time to stop and undo the flask of tea that I'm sure is in the car any time my host family drives out there. 

 But there was just a short time left with my hostess and her family.  As I'd mentioned, they were out for medical appointments more than once, and she showed me these photos when she returned.  The volunteers at the clinic there serve tea to patients and their families - here are a couple of the china teacups they use.   Defnitely the kind of treatment that helps people feel cared for, don't you think?    

 And although there weren't any paintings of tea parties on the walls at the clinic, my hostess thought I'd enjoy this one she saw there of a cowboy from the ranching country not far away - I'm sure he must have tea in that mug, don't you?

And by the way, hibernation wasn't necessary after all!  We were treated to a Chinook, a warm wind that came in over the mountains and give us almost spring-like weather - ahhhh, such surprises! "

The Tardis has certainly seen far more than I'd thought he might during the visit, as we were often occupied elsewhere..  But don't think that he was entirely left to his own devices - he was the centre of attention at more small tea-times with close friends who stopped by for lovely chats.   There was lots of fruitcake on hand still, and in the second photo, I added rice crackers and some homemade pineapple jam for the spur-of-the-moment visitor.  The tea of the day was a Sloane Tea (from Toronto) rooibos, Rouge Provence) in the first photo, and some of the Murchie's Christmas Blend in the second photo. 

I only wish I'd been able to use this special plate while the Tardis was visiting - I think he'd have enjoyed seeing this image of a young Queen Victoria. 
So the visit came to an end and the Tardis departed for warmer times in California. We had memorable times together, and the Tardis' visit  reinforced just how very connecting and special that tea-times can be in our everyday life.

We end our time here with a Canadian poem (that's also been set to music),  written by the Victorian-era poet, William Wilfred Campbell .  We hope that the words leave you with a smile and with warm  thoughts for the place of tea-times in our lives, whether the tea served is for a loved one, a new friend, or just oneself, with memories of happy times and anticipation of much good to come.. 

Canadian Folksong

The doors are shut, the windows fast;
Outside the gust is driving past,
Outside the shivering ivy clings,
While on the hob the kettle sings.
Margery, Margery, make the tea,
Singeth the kettle merrily.

The streams are hushed up where they flowed,
The ponds are frozen along the road,
The cattle are housed in shed and byre,
While singeth the kettle on the fire.
Margery, Margery, make the tea,
Singeth the kettle merrily.

The fisherman on the bay in his boat
Shivers and buttons up his coat;
The traveler stops at the tavern door,
And the kettle answers the chimney’s roar.
Margery, Margery, make the tea,
Singeth the kettle merrily.

The firelight dances upon the wall,
Footsteps are heard in the outer hall;
A kiss and a welcome that fill the room,
And the kettle sings in the glimmer and gloom.
Margery, Margery, make the tea,
Singeth the kettle merrily.
William Wilfred Campbell (1858-1918)

 With kind thoughts and gratitude for all of our ATAA friends, from Dianne and the Tardis.  


  1. One of my favorite parts of the world! I love the Banff/Lake Louise area. Love all the tea things, and love the cross stitch sampler! So glad you all had a wonderful time!

  2. Lovely adventures, thanks! What pretty teacups at the medical clinic. I could definitely enjoy tea time with fruitcake. Thanks for all you shared. Loved the poem!

  3. What beautiful country scenery! Simply lovely! And the thought that tea is served in beautiful china teacups at the clinic is healing in itself!

  4. What a lovely visit the Tardis had with you, Diane. I'm glad it brought cheer and special tea times for you during its stay. And thank you also for sharing photos of your beautiful Canadian scenery. It looks like a wonderful place to live or to visit. Many caring thoughts from me are filling your teacups....

  5. What a wonderful adventure!
    Rochelle, ATAA

  6. Lovely pictures Diane. My husband and I have been discussing a big anniversary trip this past weekend...either the East Coast, or the British Columbia area, with Lake Louise as one of the destinations. I feel lost with travel plans that way...maybe we can visit more about gardens and tea related sites! Thanks for sharing. Donna

  7. The Tardis sounds like it had a wonderful time in Alberta. The teacups at the medical clinic are very comforting and meaningful. I hope that a full recovery is made, and soon, for the patient. Thank you for sharing all the interesting things you've shown to us. I've enjoyed your posts.

  8. Diane..what beautiful country we live in... thanks for the fly over. Ingrid. love the poem

  9. Diane..what beautiful country we live in... thanks for the fly over. Ingrid. love the poem