Monday, February 22, 2016

Orient Express - Istanbul to Paris - Farewell

Team Oolong

Orient Express  - Istanbul to Paris - Farewell

<<When investigating the deaths occurring aboard the Orient Express in space, the Twelfth Doctor approached Professor Moorhouse regarding the myth of the Foretold and exchanged information with him. During their conversation, he took out a cigarette case full of jelly babies from his coat, offering one to the professor. (TV:Mummy on the Orient Express)>>

I’ve always wanted to travel on the Orient Express so after reminding the doctor of the above episode we took off!  We boarded in Istanbul – destination, Paris!  

We were seated in the luxurious section of the 1920’s dining car.

The anticipation of afternoon tea was heightened as we saw “The Tardis” on our reserved Orient Express table card.  The Turkish “Rose Petals & Black Tea” that had just been purchased in Istanbul was being steeped for us.  Its wonderful aroma wafted through the air from the spout of The Tardis. 

Jelly Babies waited to be offered….   

As the train pulled into Paris Gare de l’ Est my heart was filled with gratitude to The Tardis for bringing such fun to the imaginary and the real journeys and tea times we’ve shared these past six weeks.

Fond Farewell……..

Cheers and Happy Sipping!


  1. Safe journeys to our traveling teapot ---- whose journey will be less romantic than taking the Orient Express from Istanbul to Paris --- but will reap wonderful rewards anyway on its next adventure.

  2. Beautiful pictures and setting, Martha! What a grand finale to a wonderful 6 weeks of posts- inventive, creative and well-researched. You now know more about Dr Who than many of us longtime fans!

  3. I have enjoyed each and every post as you have hosted so well this little blue Tardis. Happy travels to the Tardis as it winds it's way to Paris. How fun to dream and imagine traveling on the Orient Express. That second photo is spectacular. Not sure how you did it, but very creative. Thanks, Martha!!!!!

  4. I agree Marilyn, how did Martha do the second photo? At first I wondered if she was going to take hi to Paris in a cup...not sure where they are, but it's lovely!

    Now...confession...I have not seen or read anything about Dr. Who! Can you believe that? I think I must start! Sounds like I have been living under a Hopefully, you will not hold it against me!

    Has been a fun journey!

  5. Martha you are a Traveling Teapot Hostess Extraordinaire <3

  6. The traveling teapot is having inspired journeys and so are as we sip along.

  7. Kudos to Martha for her inspiring and entertaining posts with the Tardis. What fun she had,and what joy we had in sharing the adventures!

    1. Thank you and thanks to all who have commented here. I did have fun and am so happy that you enjoyed sharing the fun.

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  8. I enjoyed all of Martha's posts of the traveling teapot!

  9. Martha, you are such a gifted storyteller. I have always wanted to travel on the Orient express. Your post inspires me to really look into this. Again, beautiful post, Martha.