Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Oods and Zocci for Breakfast? Blue Tea that turns Purple?

Team Darjeeling and Team Oolong

Oods and Zocci for Breakfast?  Blue Tea that turns Purple?

Tea Darjeeling Team hostess arrived last night for a short visit and since she is a big Dr. Who fan, I wanted to surprise her with a fun breakfast today!

The homemade yogurt is ready, with just a bit of passion fruit pulp.
Homemade orange nut bread came out of the freezer to be toasted in the waffle iron. 
Some cheese from the frig to enjoy with…
WHAT????  How did ZOCCI get on my plate???  And WHAT is this egg?  Oh, no!  An OOD!!!!

It’s a beautiful sunny morning with wonderful views of Martha’s garden out the windows, very serene, thankfully a balance to what’s on the breakfast plate, and the homemade yogurt is creamy soft and flavored- yummm, delicious.

Well, at least tea is tea, no surprises there.  The Tardis starts pouring the tea…..
OH MY, it’s BLUE!! 

I suggest she add some lemon and now it is PURPLE!!!!   

How fun is that!  Thanks for enjoying the fun, Colleen!

Zocci is actually Rambutan fruit  -- the eyes on the Ood are Sweetie Drop Peppers -- the tea is really a tisane, Butterfly Pea Flower, and yes it really does turn purple when you squeeze lemon juice into it.  The Butterfly pea Homemade tea is from Sawanbondin farm in Thailand.  It purports to stimulate blood circulation, improve blood flow, nourish the eyes, solve the beriberi and help make hair black (oh, let’s hope not!).  So far neither of us have black hair, but we do feel more invigorated.

Cheers and Happy Sipping!


  1. How fun to see you both enjoy tea and breakfast together. I have been wanting to find some Butterfly Pea Flowers as I recently heard about it. What fun you two are having! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ood eggs :-) now I've seen everything! <3