Thursday, February 11, 2016

Poison Lipstick & Ring - East Frisian Tea - Germany

Team  Oolong

Poison Lipstick & Ring - East Frisian Tea - Germany

Do you remember the Dr. Who episode involving the German leader in the 30’s?  The one in which Mels/Riversong wore poison lipstick?  Poison lipstick…..intriguing isn’t it? But then she kissed the doctor while she was wearing it -- and oh dear!

Today The Tardis landed in Germany and is pouring East Frisian Tea from Miss Spenser’s Specialty Teas, a gift from friends Donna and Spenser.   They were kind enough to share the history of it with me as well as some of the large sugar clumps called Kluntjes that are used. 
It is traditionally served in an East Frisian pink rose teacup.  My antique German teacup with pink roses is from my mother’s collection.   It isn’t the East Frisian rose design, but it is very special to me.  The pink “Diamond” sugar cube tray and creamer is from her collection as well.  I’m enjoying my tea time in my room with pink roses.  Pink roses in the glass shade on the lamp and a beautiful pink rose needlepoint picture that Mother made for me from a blank canvas many years ago.

A “Kluntje” is placed in each cup.  Carefully the tea is poured over the sugar while one enjoys the crackling sound of the bursting sugar crystals.  Then using a special Rohmlepel spoon (my antique cream ladle worked just fine) a bit of cream (yes real cream, not milk) is carefully placed on the surface of the tea.  The cream sinks into the tea and then rises again to the surface like a “Wulkje” (a little white cloud).  The tea is not stirred.  It is customary to drink 3 cups.

To enjoy with tea today is an edible raspberry Lipstick.  You just twist the lipstick case to raise the lipstick up to eat it.  I love to serve this fun surprise!  Of course, mine aren’t poison!!   To enjoy with it are delicious Schogetten  chocolates from Germany.

My jewelry today is a vintage poison ring which can conceal either a poison pill or an antidote. A poison ring is a type of ring with a container under the bezel or inside the bezel itself that could be used to hold poison or another substance. They became popular in Europe during the sixteenth century. The poison ring was used either to slip poison into an enemy's food or drink, or to facilitate the suicide of the wearer in order to escape capture or torture.  Mine is certainly not used for either…just part of a collection of fun things. I doubt that it was from the London jeweler whose ring box it is in, but that is how it was presented to me years ago.

I hope you enjoyed our tea time today as much as I did.

Cheers and Happy Sipping!



  1. Hello Sweetie! River Song is my favorite Companion and this is one of my favorite episodes. Love your poison lipstick tea!

  2. Thanks, Rain...It was an exciting one and the lipstick always stuck in my mind.

  3. Another wonderful post. I love that we visited Germany this time with poison lipstick, a ring, and your mother's dear cup and creamer. Thanks for the education too on Frisian tea. I have had it served to me some years ago and have fond memories of it's deliciousness.

  4. Great post, Martha! Full of interesting tidbits about a Dr Who companion, an adventure from the show with poison lipstick (oh no!), East Frisian tea and service and that fabulous poison ring! And then your wonderful tube of lipstick with raspberry sorbet- I remember having that and so fun, so tasty!

  5. Fun post! I've always thought I'd like to do a presentation about East Frisian tea, but as yet it hasn't happened. Love the edible pink lipstick and poison rings - never heard of either before. Your mother's keepsakes are lovely.

  6. Hello Sweetie
    I do love how your brain works. Another grand adventure with the Dr. You always manage to astound us with your creative posts and share interesting tidbits of tea information. I want to go shopping with you, if I dare. Poison lipstick and poison rings... I better stay on your good side. Just kidding. Reading your post of the Tardis Teapot is a highlight of my day.
    Where to next? I can hardly wait!

  7. Hi Martha,

    How wicked and wonderful. Poison rings and poison
    lipstick. I'll just keep them tucked in my purse for that very special occasion! LOVE IT!

    Such a fun and informative post. Thank you for sharing.

    Sending love to you and the Teapot.

    Mary Jane