Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Gentlemen’s Tea with the Doctors

Teams Darjeeling and Oolong

Gentlemen’s Tea with the Doctors

The Tardis Twin Teapots and their hostesses invited favorite Doctors today for a Gentlemen’s Tea. 
When Colleen and I learned we would both be hosting Tardis teapots in February she suggested that we host a tea party together with both teapots.  A couple years ago we had enjoyed chatting and researching ideas about doing a Gentlemen’s Tea Party- so we decided it would be great fun to do that with the Doctors.  And thanks to Holly’s helpful inspirations, today we were able to do just that!

Colleen: My favorite Doctors are the fourth, Tom Baker, and the tenth, David Tennant, so we invited them especially to our Gentlemen’s Tea.  Martha kindly extended the invitations and we welcomed them to the tea table. 

Monday we worked on a time travel tablescape and had such fun pulling it together with things we both had.  We had chatted about general menu ideas and finalized that as well and started cooking.

Tardis I poured Fancy Golden Tippy Hao Ya, a black tea from Yunnan Province, China.

We started with a Kensington Palace Scone and a Red Bow Tie yeast roll, accompanied by Devonshire clotted cream, lemon curd and apricot jam, both homemade. (Colleen: You must know that all homemade and fresh baked foods throughout our meal are made by Martha and are quite wonderful!)

Then a fun roasted shrimp pipette on a block of ice….as you take a bite of shrimp you squeeze a taste of the cocktail sauce at the same time into your mouth…what fun!  I think this might have been a favorite of the doctors!

The next course of sandwiches and savories included Roast Beef on Seeduction Bread with onion jam and a Sweetie Drop Pepper, Cucumber with butter and Dill on white bread,  Prosciutto with fennel pollen cream cheese rolled in a Swedish pancake, topped with fennel frond and flower, Scottish Egg Canape (recipe from newest Tea Time Magazine) and mini Shepherd’s Pie with a crown of mashed potato. We continued with the same black tea, which was a sweet, mildly malty complement to the savory flavors.

Everyone was a bit full after all this, so we took a little break, shared a pot of Anji Bai Cha, a very light and refreshing green tea from Tao Tea Leaf in Canada poured from the Tardis II .  We discussed the varied books written over the last century on Time Travel scattered throughout the centerpiece.  The Doctors had very interesting views on some of these novels!

Desserts included French Lemon Tart, a Strawberry, Black Powder Kentucky Bourbon Chocolate Truffles rolled in Bourbon Sugar and the Doctors’ favorite Jammie Dodger cookie. Packages of Jammie Dodgers wrapped with a red bow were favors for the guests to take home.  We enjoyed the sweets with the Anji Bai Cha. 
By now it was evening so we closed our meal and time together with a nightcap of Basil Hayden’s Artisan Bourbon from Kentucky- so smooth.  

We sipped and savored this very lovely special time we shared together before saying goodnight and farewell.

Cheers and happy sipping,
Martha & Colleen


  1. What a lovely time you had....and such exquisite attention to detail. From the handsome guests, to the striking menu and table presentation, it's a job very well done. Thanks for the write up! It sounds like the teapot hostesses are having as much fun together as the teapots are!

  2. Just Smiling here! This is so special and I loved that you could do this tea time together with both teapots. I can just imagine how much fun you both had. The food was exquisite. The discussion and decorations of time travel was perfection. I see you even had my favorite time travel book, The Outlander. Oh I love that series. I just love this post and tea time oh so much!!!!

  3. Such fun! Such creativity! Amazing gourmet food - love the gold on the lemon tart, and the beautiful fresh herbs on the tiered tray, and the miniature Shepard's Pies, and oh my... love all of it! So happy you two were able to coordinate this special event and the Doctor's were able to free up their schedules to join you.

  4. What a party! You are so creative and what a fun day! Serving shrimp on ice with the pipette was so clever - I love it! I think my favorite would have been the roast beef. My husband would love the scotch egg canape. I will have to give that one a try. Glad you ladies are enjoying your time with the teapots. Hosting the teapots, persuades us to do things that we wouldn't normally.
    Sips and Smiles

  5. What a fun and imaginative tea. I think I would be popping out quotes from Doctor #10 if I'd been there.

  6. Very fun post. Love that both TARDISs came together. :)

  7. Very fun post. Love that both TARDISs came together. :)