Monday, February 15, 2016

We're on Our Way Now!

Team Darjeeling

We're on Our Way Now!

Awwww- at last!
It's been a full couple of weeks and I am finally able to post.
The Tardis teapot arrived on my door step in Northern California right on schedule, ready for adventures. I found it there, guarded by Godzilla in his Valentine's ribbon. He is the last of my husband's collection and sits on my front porch, welcoming guests and guarding against bad spirits.

I unpacked it and set it on my table, adding two traveling companions, a Tardis sugar bowl and Dalek creamer, for all its future adventures! The Doctor has always had traveling companions so I figured "why not the Traveling Tardis teapot?"

Unfortunately, then I got sick with a winter cold. I used the Tardis for hot water to make hot lemon, honey and brandy tea but alas, no pictures. Who thinks of pictures when they're sick? The lemon- honey tea helped ease the sore throat and headache, easing me off to slumber for a few days. Meyer lemons are having a robust harvest in my neighborhood this year so I've benefited from my neighbors' abundant oversupply!

Now that I feel better, I'm heading off to Southern California to visit friends for a week or so. We should have some tea adventures with the traveling Tardis in tow.

Until then,


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  2. Love your Tardis saugar and Dalek creamer, Colleen! How fun!
    I wonder what adventures twin Tardis teapots might encounter:*)

  3. So glad you are feeling better and on the road again with Tardis. Have a great time.

  4. How sweet that Tardis could spend time with a related sugar bowl. Glad that you are feeling better.
    Rochelle, ATAA

  5. It sounds like you are off to a wonderful adventure with the traveling teapot.